The Original “F5” Workouts for Diastasis Recti

As the premier provider of workouts for Diastasis Recti since 2010, here at Fit2B we work hard to stay at the forefront of of the fitness industry when it comes to progressively loading your abs. You want to get stronger stomach muscles, and we want to help… but we can’t keep doing it the same way because we keep learning! We began updating our “original foundational five” routines in 2021, but our longtime members have their familiar favorites. We knew they would miss the “OG F5.” So here they are, in all their glory! Enjoy, but be sure to check out the new set here

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We love hearing from our tribe, so drop a comment below if you have something to share. We know the foundational five routines we created to give people confidence who are just starting to exercise with Diastasis Recti has helped thousands. How about you? Care to share?

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