Our Generosity Purpose: How Fit2B Gives Back

“So how does your business give back?” Someone asked me that recently. As I began telling that person all the things we have done, I realized that — thanks to being raised to not ‘toot my own horn’ and ‘not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing’ — I have never written about it. Giving has always felt private to me. However, in this day and age, if you spend any amount of money at any business like ours, you probably like knowing if our business is doing something worthwhile and compassionate with some of that money, so…

Our generosity purpose here on Fit2B is to give to businesses, organizations and teams that support the strength & movement of women and girls. We are happy to donate many memberships each year to schools and girls sporting teams in their silent auction fundraisers. We also donate every penny of the proceeds from two of our courses.

One of those courses is called “Exercise Around The World.” It raises money for a special needs orphanage in Mexico that we toured several years ago to vet. It has a free dental clinic. My husband and business partner and son travelled down there on a separate trip to help floor their physical therapy studio. It’s located in Ensenada, MX. The course includes a workout called Mexico Flow that was filmed on the beach there. That particular workout was also donated to the Diastasis Project, headed up by Antony Lo.

Exercise Around The World: Explore The Geographical Roots of Fitness through Movement - fit2b.com
Online Home Learning Ecourse: Workout Around the World - fit2b.com

The Mexican government has no system of support for families with children who have special needs. They are often left out to die or abandoned to overcrowded orphanages. We toured 3 on our trip to Ensanada and chose the one that most aligned with our values of movement, compassion, ethical financing, and open communication. I’ll never forget this girl who held my hand and wouldn’t let go.

Exercise Around The World: Explore The Geographical Roots of Fitness through Movement - Fit2B.com

The other course we have that benefits a charity is called “Comforting The Core: Moving Through Miscarriage & Infant Loss.” All of its proceeds go to scholarships for training bereavement doulas at Still Birthday. This type of doula supports and serves women during miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. The fact is that I am 1 in 4 women who has experiences miscarriage, and one of my members is a still birthday-trained doula who contributed to “Comforting The Core” course. You can watch a live chat I did with her about bereavement’s affect on the core here.

Comforting the Core: Interview with a bereavement doula - Fit2B.com

Also, we have supported Midwives In Action with our own silent auctions of items I wear during filming. If you’re in our support forum on Facebook, you can see how one went down right here. Basically, I put up pictures of outfits I’ve worn during filming, say what brand and size they are, set a minimum bid amount, and then our members fight over all of it. They pay the organization directly, send me the receipt, and I mail the items to them. I’m currently gearing up for another one!

Another fundraiser that I’m very proud of was when we raised funds for soft bathrobes and blankets to provide the girls and women of Well Care Medical and Behavioral Clinic which serves many tough cases and traumatic needs. We connected with them via Jacob Mearse – our very own resident CNM, Fit2B Girls course contributor, and one of only 200 male midwives in the USA – who was working at that clinic at that time. Imagine having a real bathrobe or blanket instead of paper gowns and sheets during a pelvic exam after horrible trauma and being able to take it home!

My team and I also regularly donate portions of our own earnings to various charities. My personal favorite is Xchange Recovery where I volunteer each week, serving at-risk youth whose parents are coming out of addiction. One of my friends, Kelly, from that community was gracious enough to share her story in  the lesson on Substance Use to our Fit2B Girls Course.

Can you spot me dressed like an elf in that photo of our Christmas-time outreach to bless residents in the Xchange housing program? Here’s me interviewing Kelly for the Fit2B Girls course… my hair was purple at the time because we had begun filming our Color Series.

Fit2B Girls - Substance use lesson interview with Kelly Duncan - fit2b.com - #purple #opioidaddictin #color #homeworkouts #fitness #xchange #recovery

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Have you purchased one of the courses that benefit these programs? If so, thank you! And thank you for supporting Fit2B and our families as we seek to give back to our communities and world. If you are part of an organization that would appreciate having a membership to raffle or auction, please contact us here.

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