Making Fitness Easier for Moms

Before I became a mother, I thought fitness would be just as easy as it had been for me all my life. “I’ll just put the baby in the stroller and go for a jog!” I wasn’t accounting for a screaming baby half-way down the block, leading to a let-down that would soak through two sports-bras, leading to a quick return back to the house. “I’ll just put the baby in childcare while I teach at the gym.” I wasn’t accounting for baby getting sick, making it impossible to put baby in said child-care. Well, as a fitness expert, I just adapted my workouts to staying home.

Me and my healthy family

But other moms I talked to weren’t so fortunate. They had simply given up on their fitness, saying they would wait until their kids were back in school and they would have more time to work out! They had no desire to watch home fitness videos that left them hurting and bulging more while the instructor – who has never had a child and doesn’t want children – barely broke a sweat. Me, I sweat right along with you. I crack jokes. I involve my kids. I make this about you and your family.

Don’t put yourself on hold until your kids are bigger, or you have more time, or you look good enough to join a gym (backwards), or your husband says you can, or your best friend joins with you. Start taking care of yourself today, but make it easier on yourself.

How do we make fitness easier for moms?

  • Control whatever is controllable – I think this starts with managing your family’s schedule. As your children get older and more involved in activities, you are still in charge of a lot. You don’t have to say yes to everything, and you don’t have to sit still while they’re in appointments and practices. Do some seated core work. Go for a walk. 
  • Remember “Done is better than perfect.” – It’s not all or nothing, it’s all or something. We can’t pressure ourselves or other mothers to do a specific amount of exercise each day when each of our days varies so greatly. Five minutes are better than no minutes.
  • Ruthlessly remove obstacles – I’m not talking about the cute ones you gave birth to, rather that old sports bra that makes you dread cardio… get a new one! I’m talking about that piece of fitness equipment you hate, so you don’t use it. Get rid of it. I’m talking about that bonus room you could clean out to make your own workout space. I’m talking about that phone call you can let go to voicemail. I’m talking about that other appointment you could move.

You can set an example of health and get your vibe back starting with 5-10 minutes a day of safe, focused movements. And it doesn’t have to kill you! I love a good, hard workout like anyone else…okay maybe not everyone likes that sort of thing…but if you’ve just had a baby or you’re just getting back into the swing of exercise 15 years after your last baby, Fit2B Studio is the perfect place to start small. I am working so hard to give moms what they need.

You don’t need the mainstream insanity with models who’ve never dealt with stretch marks. You need someone you can relate to you, someone who’s been there. Someone who understands that the specific needs of a mother’s body are VERY different than a pre-baby woman’s body. Join me today right here at Fit2B for a month, a year, or premium access

I promise gentle but effective fitness that will steadily and permanently make you stronger. I promise funny conversation not yelling. I promise to stay up on current research, connect you with other experts, and NOT hurt you or make your belly bigger 🙂

3 thoughts on “Making Fitness Easier for Moms

  1. Fatin khawarizmi says:

    In my opinion taking 30 min practicing some movements is not too much time taken from the baby neither from the house, Any mother can do it sometimes we are spending almost 30min in the comfort room ,so it is easy to consider that 30 min is a toilet necessary matter 😀

    Interesting article Beth keep going & push mothers an ladies more & more to reduce the fat emerging them bodies 😉

  2. June Stoyer says:

    I think it is great that you remind people what they CAN do as opposed to what they cannot. Very powerful message from a gal who always leads by example. Thank you, Bethany!

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