You Might Be a Fit2B Member If …

You Might Be a Fit2B Member If... -

You Might Be a Fit2B Member If... - Fit2B.comIt started in our private member forum one day with a hilarious comment from a longtime Fit2B customer whose enjoyed our home exercise videos for diastasis recti for years. She was checking in with a comment about her workout that day on our weekly challenge thread. She said something about how she knew she was Fit2B member because of something kinda quirky she’d done.

I decided to take that idea to our public fan page where more people could see the comments and enjoy the funny feedback. This comment left by Lauren G. is probably the best ever for how it proves “my why” and my work fruitful here on Fit2B:

“You aren’t scared to advocate for yourself and your health even if it’s a seemingly taboo subject. You know the terminology to use, the help to ask for, and how to explain what’s wrong. You also know that healing is an important part of life and doesn’t make you weaker!” —Lauren G.

You see, we don’t just offer over 200 streaming workout videos (which also happen to be über family friendly) here on this website. We also provide empowering education for the prenatal and postnatal seasons of life. We want you to know your body, know how to make it truly strong for life, and know how to resist lies from the medical and fitness establishments.

Here’s the full thread from Fit2B – TummySafe Fitness on Facebook.

Maybe you want to add to it?

Only those who are true tribe members will understand the hilarity of this comment shared by Sarah H: You have used a bag of flour as a kettlebell and eyed your cat wondering if they would be cooperative.

My other favorite was written by Jennifer M: You take on the kids at the skating party limbo game! Squatting, not back-bending, of course.

You Might Be a Fit2B Member If... - Fit2B.comCats and bags of flour as weights for home workout videos?

Grown women doing limbo in deep squat positions without any fear of pain or leaking? Intrinsic knowledge of how to incorporate more motion into real life?

Yesss! Because face it: most people don’t have a lot of expendable income to buy extra exercise equipment to use during their home workout videos. Most moms barely have time to sleep, let alone get full-length workouts. Fit2B makes working out as easy as possible by doing 3 things:

  1. We teach you the moves + how to incorporate them for all the days when a video doesn’t happen.
  2. We don’t try to exhaust you in each workout. The goal is for you to finish feeling energized and ready for more. Who has time to be too tired to walk?
  3. We offer options for your family. The kids can have a turn watching a video geared toward them like “Sail Away” or “Animal Acrobats,” and then it’s your turn while they color or have a snack!

You Might Be a Fit2B Member If... - - At Fit2B, we don't just offer over 200 streaming workout videos. We want you to know your body, know how to make it truly strong for life, and know how to resist lies from the medical and fitness establishments. - #goals #goalsetting #newyears #bestyearever #fit #fitmom #health #healthy #gym #gymworkouts #core #corestrengthening #fitness #diastasisrectirecovery #motivation #weightloss #workout #yoga #pilates #aerobicsEveryone needs exercise. It’s a need, not a luxury. We do our very best to make fitness accessible, affordable, and easy yet effective for bodies of all ages and stages. There’s enough workout providers out there kicking people’s butts and leaving them in sweaty puddles. Fit2B exists to lift people out of the puddles and build them a butt that doesn’t hurt to sit on anymore.

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If you’re a Fit2B member, what sets you apart? How have our unique home workout videos for diastasis recti helped you? You might be a Fit2B fan or member if…. Fill in the blank!

One thought on “You Might Be a Fit2B Member If …

  1. lisa_consecrated says:

    …if you step into your garage, hinge at the hips to grab a sparkling drink from a low shelf, and as the door from the house swings shut and bumps your booty you think, “Hey that hit both of my sitz bones. Go me. Good alignment!”

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