Designed to Heal from Diastasis Recti

Really? What if it's been years since you had a baby or got a hernia? Can you still heal?

‎A new member recently posted in our private member forum: “I’m a mother of 2 with my second pregnancy ending in a c-section as a result of my diastisis that went unnoticed (the midwife at the delivery was appalled that no one had addressed the problem, yet had little advice to offer me afterwards). Having a diastisis of at least an 8 at the widest (and I’m a petite person), many professionals that I saw wanted to steer me towards surgery, perhaps, or pass me off to some one else. In the months following delivery, I finally became educated as to how to deal with this issue, and was amazed at the lack of knowledge in this area exhibited by those I saw. Having just joined Fit2B Studio last week, I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate all the thoughts/comments being posted.” – Fit2B in Maine, Samantha

A weak core and bladder are NOT normal after birth, and you are designed to heal. Find out how at

When I shared her comment on our main facebook fan page, a friend of mine, Donna in Washington, added another thought: “This makes me wonder about a few things. I’ve had 4 pregnancies, 3 beautiful boys. My last 2 pregnancies I was on bedrest (6 weeks and more than 20+ weeks). The doctor believes that my pregnancies will continue to be tougher on my body. Do you think if I got my tummy repaired by tummy team that this would change?”

Several who have healed their bellies under the care of Kelly Dean, Founder of The Tummy Team, commented that they believed Donna could definitely benefit from healing her abs. My answer to Donna took a more “spiritual” angle that I now want to share with you because I sometimes struggle to find words to sum up my belief that our Creator never meant for women to suffer with the hopeless darkness of diastasis recti. And we see that proof in our how bodies are designed. Here’s what I wrote…

“YES, I do think that healing your core will dramatically affect your future pregnancies. When there is a large diastasis, the abs simply cannot do their job correctly, and the effect on how the baby is carried, how the baby is positioned for birth, how well you can push, how your bladder is pushed on, and perhaps even how the placenta is held in place (my own unresearched theory) are all factors that come into play. Yet the core is heal-able! We don’t have to settle for those problems. Our loving Creator designed us to carry many children, and I don’t believe that “Eve’s curse” damns us to suffering forever AFTER birth. We are created to heal! It’s our fallen world’s patterns and positions that perpetuate cycles of unhealth and unhealing. When we look at the intelligent design of how our bones are supposed to align and naturally engage our bodies without CRAZY workouts, you see the hope. That’s why my site’s stuff is so alignment-based and focused on loving, functional movements.

If you’re a member, you really need to try our new “Align it Flat” routine which is not about flattening your spine but about getting a flatter tummy just by positioning your body in the proper load-bearing stance so that your belly isn’t bulging out with effort all the time. If you’re pregnant right now, you need to read my article entitled, Three Exercises for a Strong Birth.

4 thoughts on “Designed to Heal from Diastasis Recti

  1. Tanvir says:

    Hi MM, I can relate to the twin skin and I have some separation of the stomach muscles too. It’s not so bad that I need surgery but the weakness is annoying. My friend (also with twins) has just had her serious separation repaired but through the private system.

  2. Janine says:

    I read your other article about splinting…and scrolled down to see my favorite verse of all time. I never thought about it in relation to my post-partum struggles. Now reading this too gives me hope. Thank you for this website and for reaching out to heal women from the inside out.

  3. carrie says:

    I have 6 kids- 5 of them through c-section. The first two c-sections were with vertical cut the next 3 were with a horizontal cut( I have an upside down T on my belly). After the last C-section, my doc sewed my muscles together- just a few stitches that dissolve over time and that seemed to help below the belly button to heal. Now at my belly button and above I have a really deep ridge. It’s about 2 fingers wide, but I can feel my organs and pulse- my fingers are buried,
    My last c-section was 4 years ago and I have been trying to build my core strength- just found this web-site a couple of months ago- do you think a splint will help?
    I do some yoga, stopped doing crunches and sit-ups, it looked gross, like I had a mountain growing out of my stomach!
    Can my stomach be healed after so many c-sections?

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