Fit2B in the 2018 Birth Healing Summit

Fit2B in the 2018 Birth Healing Summit -

When you’re planning to have a baby, It’s important to plan for your recovery from birth and your return to fitness, not just labor and parenting a newborn. For example, knowing how to heal your diastasis recti and protect your pelvic floor take some education and preparation. However, the postpartum stage might be the most overlooked (and longest) season of a woman’s life!

This is why I said YES when I was asked to be a speaker for the 2018 Birth Healing Summit, and I hope you’ll join me for it.

Our modern world does little to assist the natural healing process that should occur during the postpartum stage. In America, most women are only checked at 6 weeks post-birth and then given the green light for bootcamps much too soon!

Thankfully, I’m not alone or unique in my passion to help postpartum women with sustainable, progressive care for their minds and bodies. Almost 15 other equally passionate professionals will be sharing their training, knowledge and experiences in this summit. Click any of the images in this blog to learn more! 

Fit2B in the 2018 Birth Healing Summit - - It’s important to plan for your recovery from birth, not just labor and parenting a newborn. All of it takes preparation, but the postpartum stage might be the most overlooked (and longest) season of a woman’s life. - #postpartum #birth #recovery #healing #mom #momlife #birthing #diastasisrectirecovery #mummytummy #core #corestrengthening #miscarriage #baby #babies #loss #grief #fitmom #fitmama #prolapse #csection

I’ve been a birth junkie since age 6 when the first real book I ever read was about the life cycle. The anatomy of a female during pregnancy, the sight of a life inside a life, the artwork of babies being born, all of it lit up my mind. Everyone thought I’d have 10 kids or be a midwife or both. Instead, I got bit by the fitness bug at age 16 and became a group fitness instructor at age 18. You can read the rest of my story under “About” here on Fit2B. 

Having my own two children made me meld my two passions again, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping people get strong again after babies.

The 2018 Birth Healing Summit will help you discover things like these:

  • 5 universal NEEDS for postpartum moms
  • The most important nutrients that are DEPLETED after birth
  • The BEST way to recover more quickly after birth
  • What is the OPEN BIRTHING PELVIS and how it impacts you
  • 3 TIPS for dealing with miscarriage/loss
  • The 2 MOST IMPORTANT WORDS to change to decrease resentment in your relationship
  • Effective treatment options for PROLAPSE
  • 3 questions to ask yourself for any BABY ISSUES you’re handling
  • 4 pillars of RECOVERY for cesarean births
  • RED FLAGS for your voice and pelvic floor
  • When it’s SAFE to exercise (that’s me and Fit2B)
  • Redefining DIASTASIS RECTI and how to treat it (also me + another cool person)
  • Why the psoas muscle is so important for birth and recovery and how to relax it
  • Ways to help calm your nervous system after birth

The good news about postpartum care is it’s never too late. You can always get better no matter how old your “babies” may be. You just need to know what to do. That’s why listening to the Birth Healing Summit 2018 would be a great place to start so you can learn the BEST PRACTICES for taking care of you on all levels, body, mind and spirit!

Get FREE Access Here!

Are you struggling with your body, mind, or spirit after having your baby? Are you having trouble getting the help and support you need? I get it! 

I understand the lack of good care and GOOD information for you post birth.

That’s why I agreed to be a part of the Birth Healing Summit 2018.  

Postpartum women need more support, more nourishment, more rest, and more rehabilitative exercises. This summit brings experienced voices from all around the world to chime in on the topics that moms desperately need covered.

It’s happening November 5–12th, 2018!  And it’s FREE!

Save Your Spot Here!

If you know of any other moms who would benefit from joining in on these conversations, please share this with them.

You, as a mom, are our greatest resource on this planet.  You are the hub of your family. You need all the support you can get to be the best mom and partner for your family.  The Birth Healing Summit can offer you this support in helping you understand your body, mind, and spirit after birth.

Fit2B in the 2018 Birth Healing Summit -

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