3 Ways That Epsom Salt Baths Help Your Fitness

3 Ways Epsom Salt Baths Help Your Fitness - Fit2B.com - Did you know that a self-care practice that includes a hot bath with epsom salts can enhance your fitness? - #fit #fitfam #fitmama #fitmom #health #healthy #gym #gymworkouts #core #corestrengthening #selfcare #diastasisrectirecovery #motivation #weightloss #workout #postworkoutsoreness #postworkoutsorenessremedies #postworkoutsorenessrecovery#fitness

3 Ways Epsom Salt Baths Help Your Fitness - Fit2B.comI take hot Epsom salt baths every week for several reasons, only one of which is quiet time to myself. It’s so nice to be able to tell the kids, “I’m in the bath right now, so please go find the parent who has clothes on, and he’ll help you with that.”

From both mental and physical fitness reasons which I discuss below, hot Epsom salt baths are so important to me that I framed our whole bathroom remodel around re-using a jacuzzi tub that came with our house! There is just no denying how the time to myself, the relaxation of tired mind and muscles, and the restful sleep at night after I have one helps me be a better mom, wife, and movement junkie.

If you get the chance to remodel your bathroom, be sure to install a soaking tub that's deep enough for detox baths, and also pebble tile floors and a bench in your shower... for stretching your hamstrings while you shave your legs of course! -fit2b.com
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So how do HOT Epsom salt baths benefit our fitness?

While I’ve already casually listed some general ways that Epsom salt baths benefit me, I firmly believe that enjoying a good, long soak once per week in this magnesium-rich substance also improves my overall fitness in several ways.

Just recently, as I’ve been upping my walking mileage to prepare to race walk a half-marathon which will kick off race-walking season and three more races I’m doing, I’ve noticed that when I’m diligent to sit and soak later the same day as longer training walks — and I’m talkin’ like 9–12 miles on some days — how fast the following three things kick into action:

3 Ways That Taking HOT Epsom Salt Baths Help Your Fitness - Fit2b.com
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  1. Less Soreness — I hate being sore. Fitness has never been about soreness for me. It’s not a merit badge of a great workout, and I don’t enjoy the ensuing clumsiness and restricted range of motion that soreness brings. This is a big reason Fit2B has gentle workouts! When I take hot Epsom salt baths, I have zero muscle soreness after hard workouts {I’m not exaggerating — zero} and zero cramping before and during my periods. If I am feeling sore, and I take a hot bath in Epsom salts, the soreness dissipates.
  2. Less Moodiness + More Motivation — Oh wow, ladies. If you feel like your moods and emotions are out of whack, and you just don’t have energy for anything, please try committing to taking one hot bath a week in Epsom salts! When I do this simple thing, I sleep better and thus feel more rested. Magnesium also improves moods as its the base for many heart medications. It facilitates the relaxation phase of muscle contraction during your heart beat and workouts and LIFE in general. Soak up some magnesium and witness the difference!
  3. More Circulation —  I realize there are some athletes who believe in taking ice baths to constrict blood flow and thus reduce inflammation after a hard race or workout, but I like to enjoy my baths {and ice doesn’t sound enjoyable} and I do not notice greater inflammation by taking hot Epsom salt baths. In fact, I notice that the increased circulation caused by vasodilation in response to heat helps prevent post-workout sluggishness. I feel lighter and thinner and effortless the next day rather than heavy, sore, and “blah.” I also sweat a lot which must help clear out toxins and remove some water weight, I’m sure. Sitting in an ice bath does NOT sound fun either!

Just yesterday I did 12 miles at race pace and felt pretty stiff and grumpy afterward. So I took a hot bath that night … NO SORENESS THE NEXT MORNING! Woot!

3 Ways Epsom Salt Baths Help Your Fitness - Fit2B.comHow much goes into Epsom salt baths?

For a long time, I only used 2 cups in a bath, but then one of my mentors showed me some research on using a lot more … closer to 6 cups!

I feel like 2 cups of Epsom salts covered the basics, and I was definitely benefitted by that amount — and that amount would be fine in a smaller tub — but as I’ve experimented with higher amounts in my larger tub, I can tell an even greater improvement in my moods, soreness levels, and shorter recovery times.

What if you don’t have a BIG bathtub?

Even if you don’t have a huge tub that allows you to sink down up to your chin, sitting and soaking those feet, calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and lower abs will go a long ways to clearing out toxins and fighting soreness with the ion transfer of magnesium that takes place!

If you’ve noticed how Epsom salt baths {or even taking magnesium orally … in pill form or by drinking small amounts of Epsom salts dissolved in water} has helped you, please comment and let others know.

If you want workouts that don’t leave you so sore that you can’t live without Epsom salt baths, we have over 200 of those for you here on Fit2B where you can get full access at a monthly or yearly rate when you join today!

3 Ways Epsom Salt Baths Help Your Fitness - Fit2B.com - Did you know that a self-care practice that includes a hot bath with epsom salts can enhance your fitness? - #fit #fitfam #fitmama #fitmom #health #healthy #gym #gymworkouts #core #corestrengthening #selfcare #diastasisrectirecovery #motivation #weightloss #workout #postworkoutsoreness #postworkoutsorenessremedies #postworkoutsorenessrecovery #fitness

23 thoughts on “3 Ways That Epsom Salt Baths Help Your Fitness

  1. Steph says:

    Oh, this sounds good! I’ve been considering epsom salt baths for a while now (like, a year…), but just kept saying it was too much trouble. Now I’ll have to actually try it. : )

  2. Kristin says:

    You inspired me to take an epsom salt bath tonight! This time I used 4 cups instead of one. I was very irritable and hormonal today and I don’t normally think of epsom salts for that. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day!

  3. Faylinn says:

    I just got a gift basket with some bath salts in it, but I have yet to use them. I really find it interesting, though, that the salts can help with fitness as I would never have thought that they could. However, after reading this post, I can definitely see how, but do you think that you could please explain to me in more detail how and why the salts help the soreness dissipate?

    • Beth Learn says:

      As I mentioned in the article, it has to do with magnesium and vasodilation, but to elaborate a bit more: When heat causes our blood vessels to dilate, it helps to clear out the left-overs and debris of energy metabolism in our muscles, like lactic acid build up, etc. Magnesium is a relaxation ion, so muscles that are bound up and stressed from a harder workout (or difficult house chores or nursing a newborn for 11 hours a day…) can unwind and let go a bit faster. Does this help?

    • Beth Learn says:

      Yes, they are safe but quantity used may vary based on gestation. Super high levels of epsom salts can cause miscarriage early on…. but that’s at levels much higher than what I’m discussing. Do some research and ask your doc/nurse about it. It’s also about the temp of the water when you’re pregnant.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Epsom Salt baths is one of my “must- do” things everyday for a few weeks after having a baby; the difference it makes in healing muscles/ tears/ stitches/ emotions is HUGE!

    • Beth Learn says:

      Zoe, everyone can handle different temps. I like it scalding hot, and if it’s too much, I just hop back out and run some cold water really quick. My husband likes it much cooler. My daughter even cooler.

  5. Shelly says:

    I love my Epsom salts bath! I try 1x a week to take one, especially if I feel run down or think I might be catching a bug. My 6yr old daughter calls it ” absents salt”. Which I find kinda funny and now my husband calls it moms absents salts! Thank you for sharing!

    • Beth Learn says:

      Absents Salts! Bwahahaha! That is great! It’s so good though for us to be “absent” for a bit right there in our own homes. If there’s an emergency, we’re right there, right? I say to my family, “Unless your hair is on fire or there’s blood, do NOT come knocking.”

  6. Bill Matthews says:

    I saw a comment on Amazon where a user uses 1/2 cups per night. In your article it appears that you’re close to 6 cups but only once per week. Would it be better to do a little every day (time and bath water permitting ) or all at once just one day per week or do you think it really matters…


    • Beth Learn says:

      This is quite a bit more for sure! All I know is that when I only used 1/2 cup – 2 cups I didn’t get the muscle relaxation and sleep help that I get with using more. Of course, my tub is a soaking tub…

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  10. Julia Irvin says:

    I have used epsom salt baths for years as a way to manage my adrenal fatigue. I usually do 1 cup epsom salts, 1 cup baking soda and different essential oils, depending on my mood or needs at the time. I landed on that amount for me after trial and error. It is gentle yet effective for me. When I first started them, I honestly didnt think I’d be able to tell a difference but I thought, ‘what have I got to lose?’ After probably the second one, I was convinced. I could tell a difference. I felt calmer, clearer, more refreshed and more grounded.
    There have been times when I need them daily or a couple times a day. I can always tell a difference afterward. As my health has improved, I’ve noticed myself not even thinking about a bath for several days to a week or more. But I can always tell when my body is craving one. I’m so thankful to have found such a soul-nourishing, helpful tool in my arsenal for health.

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