How to Check Yourself For Diastasis Recti

Have you ever been really overweight and then lost that weight only to still have a mysterious belly pooch? Have personal trainers promised you a flat six-pack, but your stomach got bigger!? Ever been pregnant? Have abdominal surgery to correct a hernia, take out your appendix, or perhaps a c-section? Then you likely have a condition called diastasis recti, and here’s how you check yourself for it.

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Having diastasis recti isn’t a death sentence, but it does mean that your abs got so stretched out or disconnected during surgery, that they no longer know how to hold you together. Your organs are literally pooching out of your body, and no amount of crunches will give you a flat stomach. In fact, crunches will make your diastasis bulge even worse!!!

Just like any other torn muscle, you need to rehab your abs. You need to quit doing crunches, plank poses, crossover crunches, V-sits and anything that could make your bulge worse until you heal it. If you are interested in workouts that will actually help close your diastasis, you should know that Fit2B Studio is set to become the premier online source for “Tummy Safe” workouts that work your core in a myriad of other ways. Stay tuned!

Beth Learn
Beth Learn

Hi there! I'm the founder and CEO of Fit2B Studio, LLC here at where you are hanging out right now! As you may {or may not} know, we provide home fitness routines and resources for those who wish to get all-over strong starting with their cores! We are your warm up for life, and our mission is "Changing lives one tummy at a time." Why? So you can look better in a swimsuit? Well, that's a lovely side-effect of our workouts, but my heart is to help you be a stronger contributor to your family, community, and world! I believe your core matters because it’s at the middle of you, and you are in the middle of your home which is where your ability to make a difference in this world starts! If your middle is muddled, then everything you’re in the middle of - motherhood, ministry, making dinner (yes I love alliterations) - will be muddled by your middle’s muddling. Say that five times fast. Ha! Anyway, yeah, I live on a little farm in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two children, 14 chickens, 3 goats, 4 cats, 2 horses, 1 Digory Dog and a Chihuahua named Charlie who is NOT allowed inside for very good reasons. My hobbies include reading very long historical fiction novels, natural homesteading, fermenting foods, race walking, crocheting rag rugs out of t-shirt yarn, a little bit of piano, and OF COURSE lifting heavy things and playing with exercise props! Join me here at Fit2B and find a new perspective on working out that will create lasting changes in your body and mind!

9 thoughts on “How to Check Yourself For Diastasis Recti

  1. Heather@Cultivated Lives says:

    Thanks for the information. Very interesting. I tried a couple of exercises after each child to see if it would heal, but I noticed after my third that it didn't completely heal… :\ Of course now that #4 is on the way, I guess I'll have to wait on 'fixing' it until October.

    • bethanylearn
      bethanylearn says:

      I have several friends who have had c-sections who have now gone through the rehab with The Tummy Team ( and are doing my workouts, and they are getting real results without hurting themselves. Jillian is pretty cool, but her style is just really hard on the knees and on sensitive connective tissue. Young athletes who haven’t yet had kids or morbidly obese folks who are desperate to lose a lot of weight really fast might need her particular brand of craziness. But the average mom needs real help with her baby pooch, and this is the answer! Be sure to read all my blogs about diastasis and abs to learn more 🙂

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