“E” is for Easy Workouts

We have a LOT of workouts, and more are coming. We want to make it very EASY for our members to know where the EASY workouts are, no matter what section they are in. We want Fit2B Studio to be a place where anyone of any age at any fitness level can EASILY find what they want. So look for the “E” next to workouts in any section if you are in the mood for something EASY. If you see a “TS” that means it’s tummy safe.

Basic Aerobics E/TS

Chair Blend E/TS

Chair Pilates E/TS

Chair Yoga E/TS

Listen to Fit2B Studio talking about Chair Exercises on Cascadia.fm radio

Gentle Yoga & Pilates Blend I E

Meditative Pilates & Yoga E

Peaceful Blend E/TS

Standing Chair Yoga I E/TS

Standing Chair Yoga II E/TS

Maternity Mix E/TS

Maternity Yoga E … NOT totally TS

Warrior Workout E/TS

Yoga & Pilates Blend I E

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