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Chiropractic education has come a long way over the past 40 years. It is now a full doctorate program focusing on musculoskeletal injuries and recovery (not just lower back pain). There are a lot of different modalities that can fall under the chiropractic spectrum.

In this lesson, the video will address the role of chiropractic care and the core, and the article discusses the biggest question ever: How do you find a chiropractic physician that is right for you and your family?

How do you find a chiropractic physician that is right for you and your family?

First off, a directory for awesome doctors does not exist (sorry, maybe we should start one?). There are some lists that you can pay to be on, but I feel that is kind of cheesy. Ask your friends and family whom they have seen, and what their experience was. Keep in mind, like any type of medicine, chiropractic care isn’t always the best treatment for every case.

Something else to keep in mind is discount websites are not good places to find quality providers. It is also considered insurance fraud to have a dual-fee schedule (one rate for insurance companies and another for deals website). Plus, why is that provider feeling the need to discount their rates so much? No one would choose a surgeon off of a discount website, nor should you choose a chiropractor off of discount websites.

Second, find a chiropractor who specializes in your patient population. I know that I am not the best chiropractor for every patient. There are definitely patients I feel like I can connect well with, and my specific skill set works well for them. Even if they are a good fit for someone else, they may not be a good fit for you. My practice specializes in pregnancy, postpartum and pediatric care. This is the population of patients that I see most often and have the most experience with, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to see athletes, dads, or seniors.

If you are a pregnant or postpartum mamma, check out ICPA for Kids. They offer specialized training and list the providers who have taken their courses. Look for doctors who have taken the Webster technique. If you have a sports injury, look for a sports medicine doctor, or someone who is a CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician).

This video explains how chiropractic care helps cores

Please forgive my shyness as the video starts; that’s just because I’m more comfortable with real people than I am with cameras. This project is important to me and Beth – who has been on my table, by the way – so it was worth some butterflies in my belly to film it for you!


Now here is some more advice:

1. Call or email ahead of appointment time to ask questions. The first appointment should include an exam, treatment, and some type of home exercise program. Proceed with caution if it feels like a sales pitch, where they want you to sign up for 100 visits, or 3x week for 6 weeks. Ask what the typical treatment plan looks like. The correct answer should be, “it is patient-specific”, meaning, “we tailor the treatment plan to your injury and how your body responds to treatment”… or something of that nature.

2. Ask if X-rays are preformed on every patient. It is my professional opinion that X-rays do not need to be performed in every case. If, when you call, they say it is standard of care for the doctor to X-ray you (without even seeing you or taking a history), I would stay clear. That would be like your medical doctor telling you before he sees you that he is going to take a full line of blood work. Could it have useful information? Yes. Could it be running tests just to run tests? Yes.

3. Ask how much time the doctor spends with each patient. Initial exams should be at least 30+ minutes, and follow-ups should be at least 15+ minutes. In my office, I see new patients for 60 minutes and follow-ups are about 30 min (and I still wish I had more time).

4. Don’t be afraid to shop around. Just because you start treatment with one chiropractor or medical doctor, it does not mean you should finish with them. Give them a shot, follow their treatment plan, and if you are not getting the results you want, try a different one.

I hope this lesson has helped you! Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions! I’m located in Camas, Washington. You can book an appointment with me or contact me through my website here. You can find me on facebook here.

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