Restorative Poses

E/R/TS - Restorative Poses III - - Restorative Poses III from teaches how to apply props to 5 different stretches!

Restorative poses simply remove some of gravity’s pull with the use of props. They enable people to sink into deeper stretches with support and safety, and I’m convinced that anyone can do restorative work wherever they are with whatever they have.

Restorative Poses -

It feels so good to add props to stretching positions, and I’ve seen and felt how the use of any handy props within easy reach such as blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, books or – if you have them – yoga blocks and bolsters – make these stretches even more accessible if your body has been fighting these positions.

Click here for Restorative Poses I which includes:

  • Child’s Pose
  • Prone Spine Twist
  • Supported Recline
  • Reclined Supported Cobbler’s Pose

Restorative Poses with fit2b.comClick here for Restorative Poses II which includes:

  • Figure 4 stretch on both legs
  • Shoulder Bridge
  • Core Warming with Feet Elevated

Restorative Poses III from teaches how to apply props to 5 different stretches!

Click here for Restorative Poses III which includes:

  • Reclined Cobbler’s Pose
  • Covered Child’s Pose
  • Pigeon Pose on both legs
  • Seated Cobbler’s Pose
  • Legs Up The Wall

This series of 3 relaxing routines is not progressive – well, they are forward thinking in terms of muscle retraining – but what I mean is that you can do the videos in any order. A couple of the poses overlap, but each video contains a unique variety of positions and new ways to do the old positions.

You will find yourself setting them up differently, going deeper, each time you do them, and that’s the beauty of this type of “work” within the body.

You see, when you find a safe position in which to unwind, and you support that position with comfy props, then your muscles whisper, “Oh, this is a lovely stretch, and it doesn’t hurt, and we know we aren’t going to be pushed further because we are supported here!”

Then they release a little. Then they release a little more the next time. And pretty soon you have improved your flexibility and range of motion enormously WITHOUT pain and discomfort!

And that’s really the whole premise of Fit2B: Progress without pain! Strength without undue soreness!

Our niche is people who already live in pain, who already have limitations and dysfunctions, diastasis recti, hernia, knee issues, pelvic floor trauma… and I don’t want to contribute further to those things. I want to help people feel safe while they move. I want to make movement approachable and fun and non-threatening. I don’t want any of my clients worrying they won’t be able to walk tomorrow. I want to take the fear out of flexibility and furthering their range of motion. And I’m proud to say that Fit2B has helped thousands around the world do that successfully since 2010. Join today

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