DIY Bolster for Restorative Poses at Home

Learn how to make your own firm bolster pillow for restorative yoga poses and propping other exercises with Beth on

Got a pillowcase, some pins, a big blanket, and need to make your own DIY bolster for supporting yourself during restorative exercises at home? Ever wished for one of those fancy, firm yoga bolsters that look like Jesus himself could have propped himself up on it at the Last Supper? Here’s a simple tutorial video and some tips below to help you fashion together your own DIY yoga bolster… and I’m excited to show you a very special quilt ❤️ 

How to make your own DIY bolster

If you’re planning to make your own yoga bolster (which is what they’re traditionally called since that’s where they got popular) you’ll need 3 things: 

  • Pillowcase
  • Thick blanket, quilt or large beach towels
  • Safety Pins or other sturdy pins/clips

Once you have gathered everything, here’s what you’ll do for this DIY bolster project:

  1. Fold your blanket, quilt or towels into a firm rectangle shape.
  2. Stuff it all into your pillow, avoiding bunching and lumping.
  3. Fold the open end of your pillowcase firmly and tightly. 
  4. Pin or clip it shut with items that won’t come easily undone and hurt you.
  5. Lay on your DIY bolster. Try a few positions with it.
  6. Make adjustments by adding more material or stuffing something different into your pillowcase.
Learn how to make your own firm bolster pillow for restorative yoga poses and propping other exercises with Beth on

Don’t want to make your own bolster?

Hey, I get it. I’ve got seven “store bought” bolsters. I use them for teaching in-person classes, filming our restorative workouts, squatting work station chairs, helping myself be taller to reach things (I’m short) and also as footrests.

>My amazon affiliate link to my fave bolsters

Using your DIY bolster for home fitness

Essentially, a bolster can be anything that “bolsters” you into a position or movement. A book can bolster you, and so can a foam block, a stack of books, a pillow, a rolled towel, a folded blanket, a cooperative cat… but there’s something about a 12″ x 36″ x 6″ firmly stuffed, rectangular “real bolster” that cradles the body in all angles like nothing else can. In the image below – taken from one of our restorative poses exercise videos – you can see alllll the props I’m using to support myself in a restorative pigeon pose, including the red “real” bolster.

E/R/TS - Restorative Poses III - - Restorative Poses III from teaches how to apply props to 5 different stretches!

Behind the scenes of filming “DIY Bolster”

Just in case you’re new to Fit2B, here is where we do 85% of our filming: our own homes! The rest of the time? We have also filmed in the home of Gillian, my favorite pelvic floor physical therapist, and Kelly, founder of The Tummy Team… and in a fancy pre-set studio for a brief period back in 2014. Most often, we create more core fitness content for you right in our own living rooms! 

Behind the scenes of filming "DIY Bolster Tutorial" for Fit2B which provides workouts for Diastasis Recti

Tips to make your own DIY bolster?

Leave a comment and share how you’ve created your own bolster at home. What did you use? How did you get creative when you needed to prop up a pose, and you didn’t have your own store-bought bolster? If you have any questions about making your own bolster after reading this and watching the free tutorial, drop us a comment!

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