Guest Blog: Healthy Insights From One Fit2B Mama to Another… Or How I Lost Weight by Slowing Down!

how I lost weight by slowing down!

“After not being able to lose weight forever, I lost all the baby weight and way more getting back to my early high school pant size by doing one fit2b video, sometimes just a “foundational five” also known as “F5” each day for 3-4 days a week, and a paleo-ish nourishing traditions diet. Small steps!!!!! Just one F5 does wonders and gets you feeling better so you can make other small positive steps.”

Please welcome Fit2B Studio member, Jennie Genus. She always has great things to say in our private member forum on Facebook, so I asked if I could compile some of her encouraging words into a blog! Here she is!

“I am emphatically not a fitness person…as you can tell by the warrior pose below, but I’ve improved so much from before Fit2B. My photos are “normal mom at home with crazy messy kids” photos.  And this is for fit2b, and normal mom at home is what Fit2B is all about.


“Being a pregnant/breastfeeding mama is tremendously depleting which wreaks havoc on your moods as well as your weight. I suggest Perfect Health Diet (PHD) which provides variation that helped me drop 25 pounds and improve my blood work immensely!

“I focus on getting nutrients in, rather than not eating desserts or forbidden foods, although I find that I just don’t want most junk. I eat moderate amounts of healthy organic chocolate or ice cream regularly (everyday?) and still lose weight. I think it’s because I’ve gotten my metabolism and hormones to a healthy state through the focus on nutrient density. PHD is far less restrictive than most paleo diets. He is the one who popularized the idea of “safe starch.” He also has popularized a number of interesting lifestyle ideas he incorporates into the diet like: try to see faces in the morning (human faces) even that helps entrain your circadian rhythm.


“It’s hard to be a mama nowadays for a variety of reasons but mostly so little societal/community support and such huge expectations. I have a long history of anxiety and depression which has been almost completely absent from my life for a couple years now through, I believe, my resolution of a ton of nutrient deficiencies. Also I’ve had great mood benefits from using green pastures fermented cod liver oil and getting out in the sunshine within a half hour of waking (even for just one minute) to get my circadian clock set right.


“I think the stress of pushing myself leads to too much cortisol and exhausts my adrenals. Exercising hard produces cortisol in the body. I always end up gaining weight when I train hard. Being gentle, by contrast, has done amazing things for me. I’m very sensitive by nature so it makes sense that my body reflects that. Similarly, I read that stressing about the foods you eat as you eat them also leads to a stressed hormone balance and weight retention/gain. So practice self-kindness! 

“Stressing about the foods you eat as you eat them, also leads to a stressed hormone balance and weight retention/gain.” -J. Genus



“But also, your body may just need to heal. And, if so, it might not start working on losing weight until it’s done healing. I believe that’s how my body has always worked. Once you’ve healed a bit and nourished yourself than the weight will come off easily.

“Your body is designed to heal and function. Listen to your body. I’m still very much a work in progress but I’m so much healthier now than I was in my twenties in a lot of ways. Healing your core can lead to some emotional upheaval as we reconnect with that part of our body. It’s a painful process but a healing one.

healthy insights from one fit2b mama to another... or how I lost weight by slowing down!
If I can do it, so can you!

“All of this is just my experience. Being a mom is so hard but you can do it too. Just know that small changes add up and can lead to dramatic change. Today I carried my 6 month old in the mobywrap and pushed my three year old in the stroller for a mile-ish up and down hills.


“Good health is so multifaceted, there are so many things you could do that might help. But only you would know which things you might like to try. I’ve learned so much from reading health blogs and implementing the ideas they mention that call to me. I highly recommend Wellness mama, Mommypotamus, and Empowered Sustenance for example. They are all women (and two are moms) who overcame serious health challenges.

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Disclaimer: The reflections and statements in Jennie’s article are hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Fit2B Studio, LLC or its staff and members. Article has been printed and edited with the permission of Jennie Genus who is a caring mom sharing her experiences with Fit2B. You are responsible for researching your own medical issues and seeking the help of a physician. Fit2b is not affiliated with nor endorsing any particular blog or product mentioned in the above article. Fit2B is a registered trademark owned by Fit2B Studio, LLC. Copyright infringement is forbidden.

Healthy insights from one Fit2b Mama to another I lost weight by slowing down!
From me to you, fellow Fit2B mamas… How I lost weight by slowing down

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  1. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much for writing this – I am blessed by your words and gently challenged to do better! There is so much grace in your method and perspective; I appreciate that you took the time to share it. 🙂

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