When I Am Old I Will Wear Athletic Clothes and a Neon Hat…

When I am old, I will wear athletic clothes and a neon hat....

My parents are in their 70’s now, and nothing is more precious to me than seeing my daddy – who has neuropathy – work his way down onto the floor to play blocks with my boy. They were my biggest fans when I started this business, handing out cards to total strangers on the street and bragging about their daughter, yet even though I had filmed many of the workouts with my parents’ setbacks in mind, it took a while for them to get past their excitement over just seeing me on the “big screen.” Now they have an area set aside where they can do “Bethy Dolly’s videos.”

When I am old, I will wear athletic clothes and a neon hat...a tribute to my parents - Fit2b.com
My parents, Bonnie & Joe. Love you, Mommy & Daddy!

I thought of them when I created the poem for this image. It’s based loosely on the one about wearing purple with a red hat. I thought of them when I was filming the chair workouts and the meditative blends of pilates and yoga that are part of ~100 workout videos that we now host. I thought of them when I first chose a slider with “old” people on it, because even though my parents have setbacks (i.e. neuropathy, diastasis, hearing loss, etc.) fitness should be accessible to them.

When I am old, I will wear athletic clothes and a neon hat - Fit2b.com

I just didn’t see much out there on the shelves for gentle folk like my parents. They aren’t going to buy p90x or Jillian. The Wii kept telling my mom she was drunk whenever she lost her balance which DEEPLY offended the dear woman who has never tasted alcohol 🙁 My dad can’t feel his feet and is a “Big Bear” so gyms won’t accept his membership. But they can do Fit2B Studio.

Even though Fit2B caters to new moms with diastasis, we have attracted members of all ages and stages in six countries worldwide (at time of writing. In 30+ countries as of 02/15) We have proven that fitness doesn’t have to be expensive or hard or soreness-driven to yield benefits, and I’m most excited to see my father and mother taking advantage of what I’ve created here!

If you haven’t tried our unique brand of fitness, give us a month, and you’ll see the difference! Learn about membership Here!

6 thoughts on “When I Am Old I Will Wear Athletic Clothes and a Neon Hat…

  1. Athena @ Lifes Abundant Adventures says:

    I love you philosophy of accessibility. I’m a new follower to your site and found you on Positively Real Media Network. Nice to meet you! 🙂 I’m from Oregon too! Went to UofO though. Go Ducks! lol I’m a step mom to 2 adult daughters, a bio mom to 2 sons, ages 12 and 19 months, so I’m new to babies again. I love focus and will definitely be checking out your sample work out soon. I’m currently doing P90 (P90X before the “X”) becuase I’m not in shape enough for P90X 🙂 I’ll get there though!

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