… And a Goal on My Walk Keeps Me Motivated

Like many of us, Teresa is a mom whose goal is to keep her body strong and her abs flat the healthy, diastasis-aware way. However, not only is Teresa one of my founding members, but she also has such a unique and vibrant approach to her everyday fitness. Almost every day, she shares a picture on facebook of her daily lunch walk, and so I asked her to write about why she does it.

Taking pictures during her lunch time walks keeps Fit2B Mom Teresa motivated to stay in shape

Teresa Writes: Everything I do has a purpose behind it. I am a mom of 3 boys including a preschooler, a pre-teen, and a teenager who is learning to drive (ack!). I work full-time, half-way through a Master’s program, and have
a small business where I help everyday people get control of their money. Needless to say, I am BUSY!

I am very goal oriented, so I rarely watch TV and I definitely don’t sit back and eat bon-bons. In order to
get my daily walk done each day, I set out at lunch with a simple mission. I look for something awesome
to take a picture of. It could be a tall building with a blue sky backdrop…

Funny bronze bulldogs named Zelda

Playful fountains

The beginning of autumn arriving

Great buildings around town

Having a “purpose” and a goal on my walk keeps me motivated to go out each day. I have several friends
who keep me accountable if I don’t post a picture. Plus, even though I take a similar route each day, it
keeps my eyes open for all the beautiful, funny and strange things that are there every day.

My daily walk pictures are my version of “stop and smell the roses.” Give it a try! Click here to read another post Teresa wrote for us a while back about becoming a Fit2B Mama

Comment Queue: What goals do you set to stay motivated? If you were to set a goal for a walk or run, what would it be? 


3 thoughts on “… And a Goal on My Walk Keeps Me Motivated

  1. Michelle says:

    I love her positive attitude to fitness, her goal setting, and focus to follow through!! Keep it up Teresa!! I enjoy seeing your photos from your walk! 🙂 Love ya!


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