Fit2B 90-Day Challenge

It all started with one member’s post in our private facebook forum when she wrote, “My husband and I are going to start F2B90 starting Nov 1st. A Fit2B 90-day challenge. 🙂 Complete with before and after photos, weights, and measurements.” Thirty-seven comments later, almost 10 other gals had jumped on board, and now they’ve banded together to blog, share pictures, support each other’s progress. It’s a little odd to watch my members creating their own community, but it’s exactly what I’ve always dreamed of: Moms from all over the world opening up to each other as they endeavor to not only flatten their abs and lose some weight but – most importantly – become stronger mothers and members of their neighborhoods.

Even though I’m commenting and liking on their posts, and I’m designing some motivational emails for them, I feel like I’m sitting back and watching all of them support each other, offer encouragement, and now they’ve even created their own Fit2B blogging link up! You can read their posts at these sites…

My Simple American Life … she’s got some great screen shots of my older videos. Ack! LOL

 Becky Jesse’s Blog… a shy mama who gets brave and shares real numbers for the first time

House Full of Munchkins … a working mom of 7 kids! I’ve only got two and need a padded room!

 This Mama’s Madness… whose #1 rule for the 90-day challenge is to “Be real.” I can handle that!

The Vitamin-C complex … who is also the artist behind our very own Fit2B Molly comic

However, I think that what really mobilized this self-made group was an early post one Day #1 by a mama who wrote, “Well, day one of the challenge is done. Definitely didn’t go quite as planned. My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer today. I am so very thankful that it is early stage and will hopefully be easily treated. So, that changed our plans a bit on the exercise front for the day. Lots of tears, and some laughter as we talked about they new chapter in our lives. My husband and I both weighed in – me at 144 and him at 199. We did the All Ab II workout together and my goal is to do at least one video daily. I’m excited to try some of the calming ones as we move through the treatment path with my Mom.” And then another mom responded to her…

“I almost didn’t exercise today and was in a mopey mood, but I saw what other people did today and that gave me the push to go out. To be honest … it was your post. I was like “well heck I’m being depressed for nothing. If she can workout on a day like this, then I totally can!”

My comment to all that: “Finding time to take care of your health on the day of your mom’s diagnosis is giving cancer a punch in the gut. Exercise fights cancer. You are fighting with your mother, standing beside her, each time you make her little girl take care of the body she labored to birth all those years ago. You honored her today and you claimed health and healing for your whole family. And if you can do it today – today of all days – you can do it ANY day, girl! YOU ROCK!!!!”

Of course, the feedback I’m getting is so precious, too! I’m learning which workouts need more notes on the pages, and which ones need to be refilmed, and which ones are the favorites. This comment made my day: “Did Chair yoga today and drank 6 glasses of water! “beginning” pic coming soon… Loved what Beth Learn said in the video…”don’t feel bad if you are not where you think you should be, you are doing more than you were 10 minutes ago!” So grateful to this lady for all her help and encouragement!”

Awwww *blush* Okay, anyway if you’re a member who wants in on the action, just go to THIS LINK and request to join. Sorry, members only! If you want to sample a workout, sign up for my newsletter over on the right 🙂

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