Election Day Diastasis Poem

Election Day Diastasis Poem - Fit2B.com

Red or Blue, I don’t care one bit.
I’ll help you if your abs are split.
Diastasis doesn’t take a side,
but it sure does cause a big divide… in your six pack.

It tears the left away from right
and puts your posture in a plight.
It’ll leave you slouched upon a bench
contemplating a massive trench… in your belly.

Your precious connective tissue
Is my platform’s main issue.
I’m hoping for a change in ab training
that will leave fewer people straining… their linea alba

Popular! Electoral! Polls! Ranking!
I’m more worried about crunches and planking!
So exercise your right to vote:
No more crunches! They leave a moat… in your abs.

Okay I hope you enjoyed my silly attempt at using some buzzwords from election day to focus on a musculoskeletal injury that affects so many people: men, women, and children alike. As I was saying to a new member the other day during her free phone consult, I’m here to help whoever is ready. I don’t discriminate. I’m not perfect. I’m still learning; just the other day I got schooled on a few semantics of how to best phrase all of this. Bottom line: I’m so grateful for something ELSE to focus my energy on tonight besides who is president! My one vote might not have made much of a difference, but hopefully my ONE website here is impacting the world in a positive, healing way! Now, I’m not going to give you the details of how I voted, but I will give you more details on diastasis if you click HERE!

Election Day Diastasis Poem - Fit2B.com

2 thoughts on “Election Day Diastasis Poem

  1. Bonnie Buckles says:

    If these lines came easily, you got a great gene from your Daddy!
    If these lines came laboriously, you got perseverance from your Mammy!
    Either way we’re awfully pleased that your focus is on doing what helps others
    rather than allowing the election outcome to derail your honorable goals to bring about true hope and change.

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