The Belly Pictures She Took in her Pink Bathroom Went Viral, But Where is She Now?

Her pink bathroom belly pics went viral, but where is she now?

Two years ago, Fit2B member Katie Goddard sent me her before and after pictures, giving me permission to share her story in this blog {click} “Mother of Son with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) shares how Fit2B is changing their lives.” Little did we know how many it would reach!

Katie’s candid images continue to encourage discussion because they show such a striking difference in a short time – making many accuse us of photoshopping, which we didn’t at all – but the real question is: Where is Katie now? Did she stick with it?

Her pink bathroom belly pics went viral, but where is she now?
This is Katie demonstrating a Figure-4 stretch that is amazing for tight hips!

She not only stuck with it, she became an instructor! Just this past week, she posted another set of pictures in our private member forum with a majorly inspirational message to never give up, to keep going! And once again, she gave me permission to share her journey with you. The following is completely unedited except to mark watermark the images.

What she posted in the forum to encourage other members…

Her pink bathroom belly pics went viral, but where is she now?

“Hi friends! My name is Katie and I’m the girl behind the viral before and after photo in my pink bathroom. Had I known the popularity of the post, I would have chosen a better outfit/location/everything. Anyway, I just wanted to check in with y’all and give you an update on my core. I wanted you to know that becoming strong again in our very weakened core spaces IS possible.

“I went on to become a Holy Yoga instructor and it was hard at first. But now, poses like this one are a HUGE hallelujah for us who have suffered diastasis. I am holding my feet here With all the strength I’ve got in my mula Bhanda and it’s not something I could have accomplished before Fit2B. Not at all.

“I wanted you to see this picture as inspiration. When I first started, I could not do more than 3 pulses of the transverse, figure 8 pull in. Friends, keep going. Please. Keep. Going. LOOK what I can do now because He made my body to do it. There is victory and strength coming for you. Keep going…

Handstand press is ridiculous and hard. However, I never could nail a handstand in my practice before either. But two years after I met you, Fit2B, look! -Katie G.
Handstand press is ridiculous and hard. However, I never could nail a handstand in my practice before either. But two years after I met you, Fit2B, look! -Katie G.

“And go shopping! Find clothes which compliment you. Be willing to admit the old ones don’t look as well and throw them out. Accept weight gain (I struggle seriously with body image) and allow muscle to take shape on your form. Love your babies. I will never be able to pike up or many other things my colleagues can do in their own practice. The reason? To come into this world, my abdominal muscles had to be cut through. They are worth that and more. But I will be as strong as I can. To avoid back injury, to stay active, to stay beautiful. To truly live FULLY ALIVE!!!! Keep going!!!!

A couple of the comments in response to her post…

“Your viral article is what led me to discover Fit2B!” -Robyn H.

“Oh, Katie, this was for me. I’m three months out from baby number seven and feeling so weak and broken. I feel like I’ve lost all the progress I’ve made after baby number six and gained and extra 20 lbs in exchange. Yes, I love my babies but I need a strong body to care for them! Every word of this touched me and inspired me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” -Andrea K.

Her response to that last one came straight from her heart as a teacher:

“You’ve got this. I really had no body awareness when I began Fit2B and the yoga videos were fun as I had never done yoga before. But something began to stir in me, and I really started loving this new awareness of my breath and my movement and how all things were connected to each other holistically. Holy Yoga was the next natural step for me, and, I didn’t have a lot of experience.

… and it’s all because one day, I tried out Fit2B.

“I still do not like “working out” But I do come and breathe. I pulse multiple times a day. I try. I show up when I can, and talk a walk with my kids when I can’t. I’m now pursuing a life of ministry and singing and it’s ALL because one day, I tried out Fit2B. As it would turn out, opening up and releasing our body’s to His design opens up all the other spaces we’ve held back from His use. We hide behind these broken figures. We call our failures the results of kids and do nothing to get better. We deny the fact that God can have something for us AFTER the storm. But He does. He has more. Keep going.”

My thoughts on Katie’s post … So I had chills when I first read her unsolicited post in our forum, and I have chills again as I hit publish on this update. Because this? This is my “why” behind Fit2B. So many women like Katie and this one too start Fit2B with weakness and barely any hope or strength, and within just a few weeks of consistency in doing our foundational routines and then moving onto to other more challenging ones, they start to sense a change.

If you’re ready to try a radically different type of fitness that doesn’t leave you so sore and exhausted you can’t function… if you’re ready to try a style that feels like you’re having coffee with a friend (and maybe doing a few squats while you chat) which is how one member described my approach, then join here today or sample 5 basic routines for 5 days here

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