When You’re Setting Goals From a Hard Place…

When you're setting goals from a hard place, and you need encouragement, read this! -fit2b.com

While many people were setting goals around the first of this year, something different happened organically in the private Fit2B member forum when Holly J. posted her victory picture and long term success story about coming out of a very hard place thanks to Fit2B. Here’s what she wrote and posted:

When you're setting goals from a hard place, and you need encouragement, read this! -fit2b.com
If you’re a member in our private forum, click the image to see the original post on FB.

 “I want to post here because I know a lot of you will understand/share my excitement/hopefully be encouraged. This could be a simple ‘look how much fun we are having, aren’t we so cute?’ picture. But it’s not. It’s a victory picture for me.

“Two years ago, when I joined Fit2b, I couldn’t even stand up straight. My body was so weak and broken I couldn’t do the simplest of things, like carry my newborn son across the room to change his diaper. Today I was able to run around with my 6 year old daughter, and then swing to our hearts content, all while engaging my core and keeping proper alignment: long lean and lifted as Kelly Dean says, or “tummy tight” as Beth Learn says. It felt good; I felt strong and capable.

“Real life: I still have a long road to go to healing my core completely, I don’t exercise as much as I would like, but I DO exercise. It’s becoming a part of my life instead of something I wish I was doing. This also hasn’t just been a physical healing journey. It’s be a mental/emotional healing journey as well. So @fit2bstudio and @thetummyteam thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m looking forward to what 2016 has in store!

Holly said more, and I just had to take a screen shot because her photo + message is so inspiring, don’t you think? Here’s her conclusion…

What long term success looks like when it comes to baby steps in fitness -fit2b.com

Did you catch that? Unable to carry her own child to RUNNING and swinging and playing with joy and confidence! All those little changes added up. When you’re in a hard place, just take it one step at a time because that one step is a step in the right direction.

Like Holly, you might have some BIG goals and dreams that can’t happen overnight. They will take time. They will take little steps and setting goals that move you in the right direction.

Even though we’re already into the new year, it’s not too late for setting goals. I dare you to do the following on a piece of paper:

  1. Write down one BIG goal that you know will take longer than 3-6 months to reach.
  2. I’m serious. Go get some paper.
  3. Write down two smaller goals that will help you reach the bigger goal.
  4. Stop reading this and GET PAPER AND SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH while your brain is working fresh!
  5. Write down one daily goal that will assist one of the smaller goals.
  6. Did you even get paper yet? LOL
  7. Go write #5 down on your calendar for the next 7 days.

Then tell someone and/or post your BIG goal and little goals on social media. Line up a reward for yourself that won’t undo the progress you made, so – hey – no trips to the All You Can Eat Buffet if your goal is going sugar-free. And give yourself the gift of diligence. Consistency beats intensity, and whatever you do the most wins!

I’d love to hear what you wrote! And Holly would love to hear how her story speaks to you, so leave a comment! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “When You’re Setting Goals From a Hard Place…

  1. Becky jesse says:

    My big goal: do a cartwheel! They look like so much fun and I have never in my life done one. I am 32! My #5 goal is to workout daily for at least 20 minutes total. I can do this!!!

  2. Audrey says:

    My big goal is not a fitness goal, is more of a personal goal.
    I want to be more Lady-like. (But still capable of having fun and working hard-lol.) My two smaller goals are 1) to speak softly and 2) be Gracious and Kind. Daily goals are to memorize Proverbs 15:1 and read the whole chapter….also to use proper alignment, because Ladies don’t slouch 😉

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