Must Watch! Shaggy Beasts and Other 2015 Outtakes

The 2015 Blooper Reel from

A couple years ago, we started putting blooper outtakes at the end of each of our workout videos. However, I’ve made so many bloopers while filming for our routines and online learning ecourses that we still had extras! So here is the best bloopers of 2015 from behind the scenes of Fit2B…

Go ahead. Laugh. There’s more where that came from. Here’s our old blooper reel {click} and there will be another one next year. Until then, be sure you tell your friends about Fit2B and check us out for yourself if you haven’t already. We now have “Fit2B Mobile” which is a web app that’s included with membership!

Don’t put off joining this homefitness website if you’ve been thinking about it, though, because our prices go up next month! So join now and lock in your rate!


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