Sample 5 Home Fitness Workouts Through Fit2B Mobile

Get 5 free home fitness routines via web app -

Get 5 Home Fitness Routines for 5 Days Free!

If you want to try 5 of our most basic home fitness routines through our web app, just click here to learn more about this awesome offer! Our members have been using the full version of Fit2B Mobile since it’s launch in early January 2016, and they’re loving the accountability, games, points, bonus videos, educational material, and more!  Just take a peek and get all the details.  No obligations.  No credit card needed.  Just try it.

We’re hoping that this gets a lot of people “off the fence” so there is an additional discount code for those who might want to join Fit2B at the end of the 5-day course.

Wait… Have a friend that hasn’t heard of Fit2B and our mission to change lives one tummy at a time? Share this so they can experience Fit2B too!

Sample Fit2B Mobile with this amazing offer -

At the beginning of 2016 we migrated to a completely new platform and launched Fit2B Mobile {if you’re already a member, sign up for that here}.  Fit2B can now offer a quality of service that far surpasses many other online home fitness providers, our prices are on the lower end of comparable providers because we’re all frugal here and we want everyone to be able to benefit from Fit2B.

Education. Family-friendly fitness. Accountability. Mobile experience. Supportive forum. Not to mention a founder and instructor {me} who cares deeply about my message and ministry and YOU which is why there will be close to 200 tummysafe routines by the end of 2016 so that no one with core damage has a reason NOT to start moving.

I hope you see how hard we have worked for 6 years now for our clients and the value we provide them as we educate them and their families about the true function of their core – not just during our workouts but during their daily life – so they can be stronger for their family, communities and our world.

Welcome to the Fit2B family.

Click here to see all our current routines alphabetized from A to Z.

Click here to start reading an informative blog series I recently wrote about diastasis recti

Click here to learn more about that special offer!


3 thoughts on “Sample 5 Home Fitness Workouts Through Fit2B Mobile

  1. Kelly Swift says:

    Hi this link is not working for me, am I doing something wrong?

    I’m interested in trying this out, I’ve been through the TT course and heard about you there but have been hesitant to commit… I really need a real workout program again though.. thank you!

    • Erika says:

      Kelly, this is an old promotion that we did. We currently provide a number of free workouts and other great information to get you started on this page > Please check it out! Can you tell me where you found that promotion? That way we can address it so there is no other confusion. Thank you! We appreciate it.

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