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Grief Recovery Routine – E/TS

Grief Recovery Routine - E/TS: The Grief Routine: Gentle workout to help women process any past loss, trauma or abuse to their core - fit2b.com

When a grieving member of Fit2B whose belly had been through a great many hard things mentioned that she wished we had a series of gentle moves and words to help her with grief recovery, process her past, and do some deliberate releasing of the tension stored in her core, her request was instantly echoed by […]

E/TS – Prenatal Barre-Inspired Workout

Join special guest instructor, Dr. Shannon Anhorn DC, who filmed this beautifully gentle, prenatal barre-inspired routine while she was in her 2nd trimester with twin boys! Dr. Anhorn is a contributor to our Experts on Diastasis Recti ecourse, and she’s also my personal chiropractor. She is the founder of Cloud Chiropractic that operates within The […]

How Bad Bras Can Affect Your Core Fitness

How Bad Bras Hurt Your Core Fitness - fit2b.com

When I was recently being adjusted by my chiropractor, she announced I was wearing bad bras and that it was past time for me to get a new one. Now, my chiropractor, Dr. Shannon Anhorn, is very unique. She’s the owner of Cloud Chiropractic that operates out of The Tummy Team clinic in Camas, Wa. She […]

3 Convenient Ways to Reduce Post-Workout Soreness

3 convenient ways to reduce post workout soreness - Fit2b.com

We are about strength, not soreness here at Fit2B Studio, but sometimes our more challenging workouts will leave you feeling sore, and then what? Proper nutrition to fuel your muscle’s work AND excellent alignment are the biggest keys to preventing unnecessary pain, but we’re talking about how to treat those tight muscles DURING the discomfort. […]

Guest post: A Letter to Moms from Julie Tupler, RN

I have revered and respected Julie as the founder of The Tupler Technique® ever since her program helped close the split in my abs that my surrounding fitness communities was ignoring and accepting as “normal.” When I wrote to Julie and asked for a guest post, I never dreamed she’d give me an open ticket. […]