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Eating Food

Eating Food Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

Food can feel like the enemy when the world is full of fad diets and food allergies abound. Food is fuel, comfort, entertainment, and laughter with friends and family around a table. I like food, and I think you need to know that I don’t diet. I don’t restrict. I don’t avoid fat. I don’t […]

In The Kitchen

Our members have access to MEA courses, one of which is the Beth In Real Life series, also known as the BIRL videos. Mea is an ancient word for the deep core “seat of our desires” and also the loins. We’ve co-opted it here to also be an acronym for motivation, encouragement and application. This […]

E/TS – Kitchen Moves

Kitchen Moves - fit2b.com

Your kitchen is FULL of great fitness props, and this video will show you how to incorporate some simple movements into your everyday tasks. Discover how to create “work stations” in your kitchen that produce great food AND a great body! What’s more, this workout is easily transferable to other kitchens. Share it with your […]