1 Scar Story + 2 Tummy Massage Videos

Two tummy massage videos and a powerful testimony from Fit2B Member, Josie L.

 When there are deep wounds and scars that leave behind fascial adhesions and disconnect, it can be very hard for a woman to look at her tummy, let alone touch it. When you have a scar on your belly or abdominal fascia that won’t pull back together {or fascia that pulls too hard} practicing tummy massage or hiring a professional to help you can be very healing.

“Just had my first c-section scar massage and wow! I was so scared but for no reason, I am feeling nerves firing in that area that I haven’t felt for 9 months! Almost in tears right now, an area that felt so dead and weak is coming back to life! Just had to share! Can’t explain it properly but that area felt “dead” and now it is beginning to come alive again and I think the emotional healing from that alone will be huge!” -Fit2B Member, Josie L.
The two abdominal scar massage videos below – one filmed by us and the by Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team – can be daunting for many. The very thought of touching a place that some {not all} associate with failure, ugliness and weakness can leave them in tears. As you watch this first video, though, notice how this is about self-care, and while it may be uncomfortable at first, the payoff is huge in terms of increased mobility and less discomfort in daily life. 

If you feel like you absolutely cannot touch your belly, let alone connect with it in any way, please seek a massage therapist who can give you the confidence to know how and where to start while helping you feel safe. How the belly can carry so much emotion never ceases to amaze and motivate me to continue providing more education and fitness methods that women can use to move their bodies in safe, gentle, effective ways.
Here’s more that Josie wrote:
“My massage therapist has recommended that she do it a few times due to the fact that she is trained and certified and you are dealing with a lot organs and important parts. Then my husband will come to the appt and she will show him how to do it to the best of his ability so that we are able to do it at home… I tear up when I think of my husband doing it which is my first clue that it definitely needs to happen! I think it will help a great deal. ” -Josie L.
With science now revealing that there are more nerves coming out of our gut than our brain, and the discovery of lymphatic vessels that go directly from brain to gut, we cannot deny how trauma to the area can affect us mentally, emotionally, socially, even spiritually.
You can start with gentle motions that don’t require you to see or touch anything. Just breathing and engaging. Then those gentle motions create some strength and awareness and connection. Using a paint brush at first may help!

Massage your tummy, taking it one brush stroke at a time.

One stroke over color and texture that varies from the skin tone around it. 
One tender motion that begins to both blend and separate, bringing life and sensation back to the numb places. And then next time, you find courage to go the other way, and maybe a bit deeper.
And you might cry.
You might feel angry.
You might feel loss all over again.
Because it’s still real and raw there. But it must heal, my friend. Because you must heal. 
Those tight places must be unwound. Those adhesions must be crackled apart so the layers can begin gliding again.

And it doesn’t matter how old your scar is, or how old you are. Muscle and fascia respond to stimuli proportionately no matter your age. If a woman in her 80’s starts a program, and a woman in her 20’s starts the same program, they will experience the same proportionate improvements! This is based on a study out of OSU where I went to college!

Here’s another video on tummy massage from The Tummy Team:

If you haven’t considered The Tummy Team as a resource for your core healing journey, I strongly recommend you check out her many online courses for ab rehab, cesarean prep, birth education and more!

Some women have told me that going through abdominal rehab and massaging their tummies to break up the fascial adhesions REALLY feels like they’re breaking all over again.

Yet there is beauty in brokenness to the point that King David wrote in Psalm 51 that our Creator doesn’t want our burnt offerings, but our broken hearts because that’s where the work of changing glory is done.

Two tummy massage videos and a powerful testimony from Fit2B Member, Josie L.Oh but it’s hard to go there knowing that, isn’t it? It’s hard to lay down and let our hesitant hands flutter to the place that feels broken and damaged, so here is another whisper of hope for you:

You aren’t damaged goods.

Your diastasis doesn’t make you ugly.

You aren’t a failure.

Your stitched up stomach is still sexy – maybe more so, because scars are cool, right? Your belly tells of miracles – daily and monthly and yearly – many of which happen without our bidding: digestion, menstruation, reproduction, ambulation … yes walking! It’s a miracle how walking uses our core so well and thoroughly!

And you don’t think less of your mate for their marks and malignments. They are aging along with you. Their body tells a story with its map of lines and wrinkles and topographical dimples just like yours… and just like you treasure the bodies of your loved ones, they treasure yours!

If your spouse puts your body down, oh… I have words for them. Strong words that go with the kind of big eyes and raised brows I give my kids when they’ve been very mean and naughty.

Because we shouldn’t put up with mean, put-downs from our friends and partners, so why do we allow ourselves to speak such horrible things right to the mirror?

Here’s one more article you need to read before you go about getting nekked and appreciating your topography. And then I hope that if you’re looking for an affordable home fitness program, you’ll consider Fit2B.

5 thoughts on “1 Scar Story + 2 Tummy Massage Videos

  1. Linda says:

    Wow. It’s interesting the psychology behind all of this. I am so hesitant and resistant to learning how to do this and following through, yet I would so love to have all those adhesions gone!

  2. Stacy says:

    My scar times 3 is over 3 years old. It’s still quite tender. How do go about finding a massage therapist who is trained to do this type of massage? Since my first c-section, I hate to touch that area and I never let my husband touch it.

    • Beth Learn says:

      Stacy, we will be releasing a video onto this page soon that shows you how to gently ease into doing this yourself. It really helps, and even the lightest brush of touch does wonders. I know it’s hard at first, but that belly needs some loving touch to help healing conclude. As far as finding someone to do it for you, just call and ask if scar massage is available. If they act like they don’t know, try someone else.

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