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How to Work Out While Traveling

How to Work Out While Traveling - Fit2B.com - Traveling can disrupt the most avid exerciser’s routine, but once you understand how to optimize these 4 strategic fitness tips, you can look forward to a whole new exercise experience. - #traveltips #travelling #jetlag #soreness #fit #fitmama #fitfam #gym #gymrat #jetsetter #fitness #health #healthy #exercise #stretches #yoga #fitmom #diastasisrectirecovery #core #corestrengthening

Traveling can disrupt the most avid exerciser’s routine. Being in a car or airplane for any length of time involves lots of sitting, and long journeys can leave you with sore, tight muscles. I enjoy finding creative ways to exercise on the road (or in the air) on my way to various events, so here […]

Car Stretches

Beth In Real Life Car Stretches Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

When you are NOT the one in the driver’s seat, and the road is long, and the “when are we there yet” queries from the backseat are frequent, and your hip flexors or neck are telling you they’d like to get out of the car, but you’re all stuck… this video should help provide some […]

Sweet Feet Moves

Beth In Real Life Sweet Feet Moves Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

One lovely morning, while waiting outside for our table to be called at a restaurant, Alice and I started talking about feet. She and I go way back as friends. She is one of my co-founders for Fit2B and has also contributed to the fashion & beauty lesson in the Fit2B Girls course… but she […]

Beth In Real Life | At the Car Wash

Beth In Real Life At the Car Wash Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

At the car wash… At the car wash,  yeah! Admit it, you’re singing the oldie it in your head now. Seriously, though, while going through the car wash I had a few thoughts on how it applies to our own self-care. Do not watch this video if you don’t need a swift kick in the tush […]

Gas Station Stretches

Gas Station Stretches Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

A member asked if I might have any good stretches I do while “pumping petrol” … and it took me a full 27 seconds to figure out what she meant. Hehe! We call it “gas” around here, and that’s not the first time our forum has had some fun with the language differences we encounter […]