How to Work Out While Traveling

How to Work Out While Traveling -

How to Work Out While Traveling - Fit2B.comTraveling can disrupt the most avid exerciser’s routine. Being in a car or airplane for any length of time involves lots of sitting, and long journeys can leave you with sore, tight muscles. I enjoy finding creative ways to exercise on the road (or in the air) on my way to various events, so here are my tips to help you work out while traveling:

T — Try new positions!

I — Integrate more motion

P — Plan ahead

S — Savor long stretches

How to Work Out While Traveling - Fit2B.comI’ll be traveling to Santa Cruz for a “Dynamic Aging” retreat with Jill Miller & Katie Bowman in February, and then I’m heading to England to speak about “Authentic Puberty: Raising Girls Who Get It” at Woman On Fire 2019. During all those flights, you can bet I won’t be sitting still the whole time. I see seats as opportunities for different arm and leg poses, and the two “Beth In Real Life” videos below showcase some exercises to do in a car or airplane.


Yep, as soon as the airplane’s fasten seatbelt light goes off, I’m the one with ants in my pants, using my ninja skills to climb across laps (excuse me, sorry, excuse me, thank you, excuse me)  so I can stretch and walk in the aisle. Maybe I should be better about grabbing aisle seats, but I love looking out the window, and I figure my seat-mates need the motion of standing up and letting me through anyway. 😉

The topic of how traveling affects the human body came up in our 8-year anniversary podcast. The reality is that we sit still a lot already. Taking a journey used to demand a lot of physical work, but now it just means sitting and staring, not carrying any loads, walking, running — not even steering a horse-drawn wagon. By trying new positions, integrating extra motion, planning ahead, and savoring longer stretches, you can get a whole workout while traveling for a day.

How to Work Out While Traveling - Fit2B.comModern fitness is usually loud and fast. We do it different here on Fit2B where I keep it slower, more gentle, yet still highly effective. Because “fast” is only one mode of motion your body is capable of … and actually most bodies aren’t ready for “fast.” Slow, luxurious stretches, moderate-paced walks or other cardio, and challenging body-resistance or weightlifting exercises are how we roll, keeping in mind that “challenging” is relative to each person.

How to Work Out While Traveling - Fit2B.comOur bodies need stretching and rest just as much as they need stimulating challenges. Traveling offers a perfect scenario for stretching deeply, exploring restorative poses, targeting tight spots, and walking while sightseeing.

Now, hang on! You need to know that those two videos are part of our “Beth In Real Life” course that’s only available with a Fit2B membership. Our workouts are filmed more professionally with special lighting and a crew, but the “BIRL” course is raw and real scenes shot on my phone in my everyday life. Our members love it because it teaches them how to apply and integrate fitness into their whole life.

If you want family-friendly fitness that will help you address symptoms of core dysfunction like diastasis recti, prolapse, hernia, low back pain, and spine misalignment WITHOUT hurting you or leaving you in a puddle, you should join Fit2B today. It’s so affordable, and we have over 200 workouts and 12 ecourses for you to explore. Premium membership is the best deal. 😉

Now it’s your turn:

How do you work out while traveling? Care to share your tips for cars and airplanes? What’s your favorite seated pose?

How to Work Out While Traveling - - Traveling can disrupt the most avid exerciser’s routine, but once you understand how to optimize these 4 strategic fitness tips, you can look forward to a whole new exercise experience. - #traveltips #travelling #jetlag #soreness #fit #fitmama #fitfam #gym #gymrat #jetsetter #fitness #health #healthy #exercise #stretches #yoga #fitmom #diastasisrectirecovery #core #corestrengthening

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