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Bathtub Routine – E/TS

Stretch sore muscles with this Bathtub Routine produced by Fit2B Studio - fit2b.com

I love baths, especially ones containing about 4-6 cups of epsom salts. I also enjoy stretching. Many moons ago, I figured out that I could fit quite a few stretches into bathtubs big and small. We’re already warmed up. We’re already relaxed. Why not grab a leg and ungrip some muscles? Of course, I keep […]

On The Toilet (fully clothed)

On The Toilet fully clothed Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

Beyond using a stool to elevate your feet so your knees are higher than your hips – thus, putting you in a supported squat – is there a good way to poop? Does alignment matter when you’re going to the bathroom? We have a whole lesson on bladder and bowel health in the Fit2B Girls […]

Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth Fit2B Studio - fit2b.com

Brushing my teeth is soooo boring. I hate it. I have a serious gag reflex and genetically soft teeth, so I often wonder what the point is (just kidding, please don’t write me long letter about tooth health) The only way I’ve made peace with it is to perform other meaningful things while I’m doing […]