#walkthankful — Join Our November 30-Day Walking Challenge

#walkthankful - Join Our November 30-Day Walking Challenge - Fit2B.com - I put together my own challenge that will keep me peaceful, keep me walking, and keep me thankful as we move into a time of year that often threatens to steal joy instead of spread joy. - #thanksgiving #thankful #grateful #gratitude #walking #workout #healing #quotes #inspirationalquotes #fit #health #healthy #walking #lowimpact #core #corestrengthening #fitness #weightloss #motivation

#walkthankful - Join Our November 30-Day Walking Challenge - Fit2B.com
With the American Thanksgiving holiday coming, we’re all seeing the typical thankfulness posts. As a fitness pro, I’m also seeing a lot of exercise challenges, many of which aren’t feasible for people with core dysfunction. So, I put together my own challenge that will keep me peaceful, keep me walking, and keep me thankful as we move into a time of year that often threatens to steal joy instead of spread joy.

Here’s how the #WalkThankful challenge works:

It’s simple: There’s no set distance. No set location. You can do it wherever you are, or drive somewhere new each day. Make it the same each day or different each day. Have fun and be creative, or just work with what you have! You can do other workouts, too. It can include a 1/2 mile, 3 kilometers, 5 miles, or a 10K turkey trot the day before Thanksgiving.

#walkthankful – Join Our November 30-Day Walking Challenge - Fit2B.comSo you walk a little {or a lot} each day or every other day or once a week, and you take a picture and post it with what you’re thankful for, with the hashtags #walkthankful and #fit2b.

By the way, if you’re member of Fit2B then you should take advantage of TWO major resources. We have a walking workout you can do indoors, and we also have a mini-course called Walking As A Workout!

Plus, we’re giving out prizes!

MEA 4 - Walking As A Workout - Fit2B StudioWe are doing rewards a little different this year. We will still use our group for accountability and daily reminders + motivation to walk, but we will be hosting 4 giveaways on our main facebook fan page throughout November. They will be photo scavenger hunts, requiring you to post a pic from your walk to be entered to win. 

Note: As awesome as the prizes are, please don’t put your life on the line to walk. There is no “most dangerous” prize being awarded 😉 

So, are you in?

I hope you’ll join me for this fun, thankfulness-inducing event — it’s not about setting Olympic records here. Even if you see this halfway through November, just jump in with us! Post pictures of your walks from around the world and collaborate with other walkers.

I’m on Instagram here, and I’m on Twitter here, and once again here is the link to our accountability group for this 30-Day November Walking Challenge!

This challenge is straightforward and grace-filled. A little walking break gets your blood flowing and re-lengthens all the muscles hunched up from sitting. And did you know that walking naturally stretches and strengthens ALL the muscles in your core and pelvic floor?

That’s right! This daily walking challenge should improve your abdominal tone and any leaking issues you’re having as well. If you’re a runner, and you’re dealing with diastasis recti or incontinence while exercising, then taking a month “off” to walk is just the thing for you … But it’s not really taking a month off, because walking is exercise.

We have got to stop seeing exercise as only the hard things. There are far too many memes out there that spread lies like, “If it doesn’t kill you, it won’t make you stronger.” Or “If your’e not sore, you’re doing it wrong.

What about the more subtle sneaky lie that whispers that “You have to be perfect to be loved”?

Define “perfect.” My body thinks walking is the perfect exercise. It keeps me healthy, toned and in shape {not a fitness model} and my husband thinks my body is perfect for him. My children were perfectly fed by my breasts. My eyes are the perfect shade of hazel green. My huge feet are the perfect size for all the physical activities I enjoy. No more body-shaming, okay?

#walkthankful – Join Our November 30-Day Walking Challenge - Fit2B.com

How is walking good for the core?

In case you didn’t know, Fit2B specializes in “TummySafe” fitness moves for those dealing with various types of abdominal injury or trauma, and burpees and planks are OUT if you’re still healing your abs or recovering from birth. If your exercising makes you leak or makes your belly bigger, read this!

We have over 20 resources to motivate your walking here on Fit2B because it’s truly amazing for your entire core. Walking is relaxing and strengthening. At certain faster paces, it can burn more calories than running. It’s low-impact, great for your heart, soothing to sore muscles, and downright enjoyable!

On the flip side, as we go through the holiday craze to avoid gaining weight while we simultaneously indulge, I always shudder at the well-meaning but far-too-unexplained and unmodified challenge memes that push people to do crazy things like the classic plank challenge or doing 10 burpees for every piece of Halloween candy you eat. No — just no.

Read why planks and burpees can wreak havoc on a healing tummy here

Planks are a VERY advanced fitness move, and burpees are planks on steroids. The traditional high plank which is done on hands and toes should be the end-product of a progression of several other simple moves like I demonstrate in this FREE video.

#walkthankful – Join Our November 30-Day Walking Challenge - Fit2B.com - I put together my own challenge that will keep me peaceful, keep me walking, and keep me thankful as we move into a time of year that often threatens to steal joy instead of spread joy. - #thanksgiving #thankful #grateful #gratitude #walking #workout #healing #quotes #inspirationalquotes #fit #health #healthy #walking #lowimpact #core #corestrengthening #fitness #weightloss #motivationI don’t really want crazy fitness anymore. I don’t need it. I’ve figured out how to be strong and toned and happy with myself using a far less “rip it, shred, kill it” methodology, and you can have it all here on Fit2B in my workout videos that will equip and energize you for the rest of your life — not leave you too sore to walk, which would defeat the purpose of this challenge, right?

One day at a time, doing what you’re able to do each day, and that will be enough. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #walkthankful and #fit2b so we can easily find and follow each other AND award those prizes!

Join the November Walking Challenge with Beth of Fit2B! Click the link for group info!
This is a picture I took of Battle Ground Lake which is one of my fave places to hike.The colors in the autumn there are gorgeous! Where do you like to walk or hike? Leave a comment below …

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  1. Vee says:

    I am soooo inspired! I have sent a request to join the walking group. I hope and wish to continue beyond November! Cheers to all the women!

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