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Complete 150 workouts this year with the #Fit2B150 Free Fitness Challenge Printable Download

No matter where you are in your year (or life) this straightforward challenge will help you achieve 150 workouts. We have several free printables here that will help you reach your fitness goals. However, the #Fit2B150 Challenge was a member fave last year, so we thought we’d put a little more effort into promoting it and reaching more people with it this year.

The goal: 150 Fit2B workouts in 1 year

The math: There are 365 days or 52 weeks in a year. Let’s say you take weekends off, so subtract 2 days a week x 52 weeks (104) from 365 and you’re left with 261 days. 

Wait for it…

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I have a little more math for you … Now, let’s also say you walk, go swimming, have a pillow fight, ride bikes with your kids, or conduct some other self-directed physical activity on 2 days each week, so subtract another 104 from 261 = 157

… And – let’s keep it real – Everyone gets sick or goes on vacation for at least 1 week, so subtract another 7 days.

This leaves you with a doable, reachable goal of doing 150 Fit2B workout videos.

We have over 300 online home workouts you can stream, so you could technically pick 150 different video routines. However, a lot of our members have their favorite workouts – and others might get overwhelmed by writing down 150 titles – so we made a printable for you that breaks it down in two simple ways. 

Complete 150 workouts this year with the #Fit2B150 Free Fitness Challenge Printable Download

Free Fitness Challenge Printable Download

Version One:  50 x 3 = 150

In this version, you select 50 different workout videos on Fit2B (or another provider… sob 😢 just kidding 😂) and do each of them three times each.

Version Two: 25 x 6 = 150

In the second version, you select 25 different workouts and do each of them six times each. 

The idea is to spend a year doing the workouts while also cross-training with other physical activities like hiking, boating, and just playing outside or inside. Our bodies need a variety of movement, and we hope this free fitness challenge printable download helps you get (and stay) out of your workout rut.

Print both challenges here

Over the past year, many of our clients here on Fit2B have used the challenge to suit their own needs in diverse ways, like improving their lower body strength or focusing on fitness strategies for managing Diastasis Recti. No two people fill it out the same, and we love that so much! 

When one Fit2B member posted this pic in our private member forum on facebook, it wasn’t even fully filled out yet. She was still deciding, and she was asking for input. Staying open to changes and new ideas is key to keeping consistent with our workouts during any year, and there she was doing it in 2020! What a strong mama!

Real photo from a Fit2B member using our #Fit2B150 challenge printable to track her home workouts!

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We’d love to hear from you! What are some of your goals for this year? How do you structure your home workout videos on Fit2B and balance them with other physical activities you do to stay strong and fit? What are your favorite diastasis aware exercise videos? Did you do the challenge last year? If so, please email a picture to [email protected] 

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