Fun Fit Healthy Ideas + Christmas = Merry FITmas!

Most people will gain several pounds during the holidays, because Christmas involves a LOT eating and parties and when someone doesn’t know what to wrap up for a whit elephant gift, they resort to food: boxes of goodies, gift cards to restaurants, and the truffles! I’m such a sucker for truffles! But then I see this visual of what five pounds of body fat looks like. It was on display at the fitness facility where I worked as an assistant manager before I had kids.

What does 5 lbs of fat look like?

So don’t put fat under your tree or anyone else’s tree! If it’s already wrapped and ready to be given, set it aside and give the cheer to a homeless person on a street corner who could actually maybe use the extra insulation to stay warm this winter. Consider a basket of fruit, or … wait for it … MAKE something! A dear friend of mine who just started her own blog, showed me how to make cute, little antique-looking Christmas trees out of magazines. Why not grab an old health or fitness magazine and make a “FITmas” tree?

All you do is massage the binding to break it down a little and then fold each page diagonally down toward the inner seam. Then fold it diagonally again. Then tuck the extra flap at the bottom under. It can take a good hour to transform a magazine into a tree, but the colors and contrasts of the healthy people and images peaking out are good reminders that the Christ child didn’t come do condemn the world but to save us and offer us a FULL, HEALTHY, ABUNDANT life. Not only do trees symbolize life, so does chocolate! Well, to me it does! Here is a heart/brain-healthy snack that we’ve been munching on all Winter!

I get dark chocolate covered pomegranate nuggets and dump them into my nut stash. It’s important to rotate the type of nuts you eat. Last month, I ate macadamias. This month it’s walnuts. Have you heard that nuts are shaped like the body part that they benefit? I’m not sure how true it is, but it’s fun to think about! Now, in our house, we aren’t the only ones who like chocolate. Our “elf on a shelf” substitute is our Naughty Nutcracker. While the kids sleep, he gets into their toys, undecorates the tree, hides in the toaster, and this picture caught him committing the ultimate crime: eating the candy for the 25th when it was only the 19th!!!

The kids were so mad that they tossed him in the trash, and I had to dig him back out again! Again, this is just good, wholesome fun that does NOT encourage overeating or sitting around. Our Naughty Nutcracker gets our kids moving and laughing and thinking! Of course, most of all, I want my babes to ponder the mysteries of this season. So here is a parting shot that I’m still not sure how I captured. My husband was outside setting up our nativity, and the kids were riding their bikes and yelling, and then it got quiet… I looked out and saw them both staring down at the glowing plastic baby Jesus and RAN for my camera! I had to call one of them back, and right after this was taken, Mary was knocked down and the infant messiah got stepped on… but the memory has been made. Merry FITmas and Happy Holidays!

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