My Top 5 Festive & Fit Resources {a.k.a. Christmas Goodies}

My Top 5 Festive & Fit Resources {a.k.a. Christmas Goodies} - Fit2B Studio

At this time of year, it can feel like the whole world is shouting for my attention. But all I want to do is chill out with my family and friends (minus all of the stress!) And can I please FINALLY locate a festival of lights or gorgeously lit neighborhood that doesn’t charge me my first-born to walk through it?

I want to stay healthy throughout all of the holiday parties. I want to drink coffee {or kombucha} by my fireplace while watching old Christmas movies. I want to find the perfect gifts for loved ones (and not get sore while I wrap them.) But most of all, I want this season to be memorable… In a good way!

Well, I figured you might be wanting some of the same holiday goodness, so I compiled some of my favorite resources to help us accomplish seasonal goals of more meaning, more movement, and more coffee.

Here Are 5 Things I Want to Highlight:

#1 This simple Christmas Fitness Challenge

Straight from Fit2B to you, this printable challenge gives you one move from the letters C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S which you can use to incorporate more movement and motion into each day. It was designed to accommodate two levels of difficulty (Basic and Moderate) and there are checkboxes added to give you that satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

#2 This outdoor advent calendar

From one of my favorite sites to follow, Wilder Child, this DIY outdoor advent calendar is filled with 24 simple activities that require nothing but stepping out your front door.

#3 Worldwide database of holiday lights

For the child in all of us that still delights in all the pretty lights, Yes! click here to find places to walk around and see the pretty light displays!


#4 This {inexpensive} home exercise equipment list that doubles as a gift idea list

If you’re looking for movement-oriented workout gifts, click here to read this article I wrote that outlines all the fun fitness props we use on Fit2B and includes links to make it easy to find them on Amazon.

#5 Gift Certificates for Fit2B

You can give Fit2B in any amount to any loved one at any time of the year. We have a short video explaining how it works here, and might I add we’re one of the only fitness providers out there that aren’t all about weight loss.

We’re about #StrongBeauty so it’s not like you’re saying, “You’re fat and ugly, so here’s a gift card to help you get thin” when you gift a membership to Fit2B.” What you are saying is that you care about their core strength and you want them to remember how beautiful they already are.

Back to You

So there you have it, friend! My top 5 festive and fun things for this season. I’d love to hear what resources you use to find more meaning and more movement during the Christmas season, so please leave a comment below and join the conversation. Thank you!


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