Five B-Word Body Parts That Need Your Attention

There are five words that pertain to female health that all start with the letter ‘B’ which all need extra attention and motion, because these things connect to morbidity and mortality rates. That means that how we care for these five b-words may impact our risk of illness and early death. You and all your bits are worth taking care of, so let’s not be shy about talking about these things with our doctors and loved ones!

Haha! Did you catch my mistake?

Your booty, breasts, brain, bones, and breath are all vital to your female health… but I said one of those things twice at the start of the video 😂 We filmed this between filming sessions of our Pink Color Series of workouts, so my brain was kinda tired. My main point in that vlog stands, though, and I’d like to go into more detail on each “B-word bit,” so keep reading!

Five "B-Word" Body Parts that need your ATTENTION right now!

5 Body Parts Starting With ‘B’

Breath – Did I make another mistake in listing your breath as a body part? Nah, our breath is a part of every second of our existence. If you aren’t breathing well, chances are that your core muscles need some sorting. Watch our Basic Breath Work video here on our youtube channel.

Bones – While completing my certification as a 3rd Age Woman instructor with Burrell Education, I learned that women over age 40 spend more time in the hospital dealing with issues related to their bone density than breast cancer! Lifting weights and practicing your balance are two ways to exercise that help your bones.

Breasts – I’ve written a whole blog regarding exercise and your breasts. The connections between exercise and breast cancer are staggering, but proper support is a must for your bust.

Buns – Butt, Booty… Whatever you wanna call it… Weak gluteal muscles contribute to a thousand woes in female bodies. From SI joint pain and sciatica to poor posture to core dysfunction, your backside needs to be strong. Pretty much every every workout on Fit2B will help get your glutes in gear, which is the title of this awesome course that’s included in premium membership!

Brain – The most important part, we all would agree, right? After all, it’s the bit that’s letting you read all this and strategize ways to implement what you’re learning. It’s the bit that makes the choice to avoid or engage in exercise. It’s the bit that needs fat for fuel. It’s also the bit that gets more forgetful when you don’t exercise!

Five body parts that start with the letter 'B' the women need to pay attention to NOW for their future!

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Can you think of another B-word body part that needs our attention? Which of the body parts I listed jumped out at you, like, you definitely need to address it soon? Have the taboos around talking about female parts impacted your health? Have you noticed how exercise has helped your body in any of these areas? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Five B-Word Body Parts That Need Your Attention

  1. Rose says:

    Blood: you should be checking your blood sugar, insulin, iron, and vitamin D at minimum.
    Belly: how is your gut doing? Are you having inflammation and need to eliminate foods from your diet so you can heal? Too much visceral fat and need to pay attention to your diet?

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