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Thrifting for Fitness

Beth In Real Life Thrifting for Fitness Fit2B Studio - fit2b.com

I love a bargain, and that might be why Fit2B is such a good deal. I have never bought a huge piece of bulky exercise equipment, and I don’t ever plan to because I don’t need it. The sporting goods aisle at any local thrift or second-hand shop is a treasure trove of fitness props, […]

Beth In Real Life | Bad Clothes

Beth In Real Life Bad Clothes Fit2B Studio - Fit2b.com

I got stuck in a shirt, okay? Nothing to see here. Move along. Do I hate my body because it didn’t slide right into the cute top that turned out to be a size too small? Nope. There’s a lot of things I don’t fit in anymore. This body has been through many things that […]