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My mother is 80 and still carries me… and you

I started rubbing my mother’s back as we sat together after our thanksgiving meal. She sighed and whispered β€œthank you” to me, and I pondered all the ways her body has served me and my three siblings + my dad over the years. Her spine has begun to shrink in response to 80 years of […]

The Envelope System For Exercising Enough

It's important for women to exercise right and workout often enough in certain ways. Use this envelope metaphor w/ a free video to understand how to level up your fitness and ensure you're getting enough of the right exercises

When I got my first job vacuuming the neighbors house as a kid, my dad sat me down several times to discuss budgeting. One concept he taught me was about using envelopes to segment my earnings into saving, giving, and spending. I would put a dollar in giving, a dollar in saving, and the rest […]