How We Launched a Successful Online Fitness Business

How We Launched a Successful Online Fitness Business - - #fitness #onlinefitness #business

Here we are, about to celebrate eight years of filming TummySafe, diastasis-aware workouts for members in 45 countries worldwide, and I get asked all the time: How do I do it?

How have we managed to launch a successful online fitness website and keep it running this long? How do I juggle exercise, motherhood, being a female entrepreneur, supporting clients, coming up with new content, and staying sane?

I can say three things for sure about how I did it:

How We Launched a Successful Online Fitness Business - - #workflow #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #fitness #onlinefitness #businessFirst, I had a lot of help.

I have never been alone. I have an amazing co-founder and website manager in Christopher Behnke. Chris has put just as many hours into the daily operations of Fit2B as I have. (He’s also an avid runner. He recorded an interval training workout you can do for FREE here via audio download.)

I also rely heavily on several wonderful assistants who support us in this mission of changing lives one tummy at a time. They handle many nitty-gritty tasks, ranging from customer service to blog editing to updating our Fit2B Roku channel, all of which frees Chris and me to spend our time doing the work only we can do.

So, when things have fallen apart a few times, it’s not all resting on my shoulders. My husband has also been my #1 fan . . . even if he still pronounces diastasis as “diz-ass-ter-sees.”

Second, I do one thing each day.

Weekdays, weekends, early morning or late at night—it doesn’t matter. I love what I do. There have only been two days, TOTAL, throughout the past eight years when I haven’t done something to further my passion of reaching more people with answers and exercises to help them sort out their body’s fitness needs.

Some days, this looks like a blog entry or a post on Facebook or Instagram. Other days, it looks like practicing a new workout or filming several new ones with my crew. To be quite clear, it’s frequently tasks that are crucial but thankless, praise-less—tasks like filing my taxes, approving refunds, writing to people who never write back, refiling for the LLC, updating our disclaimer, or editing old blogs. 

How We Launched a Successful Online Fitness Business - - #fitness #onlinefitness #business #workflow #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #perseverance #enduranceThird, I refuse to give up!

The work is not always fun or rewarding. This website used to crash a lot. Our email system occasionally likes to send out a few too many things—like the time it sent 27 reminders to one woman to “Get Your Glutes in Gear!” Then there was that time last year when we realized we’d need to scrap our mobile app and rebuild all the content here on the main website.

It’s hard work to sustain an internet business and grow it over eight years through economic downturns, but my heart is focused.

Fit2B is our people; not our products. It’s the tribe of people we serve, and I cling to my purpose: providing education and exercise to those recovering from childbirth, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolopse, hernia, spine issues, knee issues, adrenal fatigue . . . Anything that keeps anyone from moving, that’s what I want to address and help people conquer!

Are you thinking of starting a business or chasing a dream?

Straight up, there is no script or book or single course that can spell out success for you. However, if you’re looking for deep direction, support, and guidance as a #ladyboss with your own style of curvy hustle, then this Mind Body Brand Academy course created by my colleague Dr. Lisa Holland, P.T., will be powerful for you!

I contributed to one of the MBBA Masterclass modules in which we discussed Mindset, Mantras, and Money. Lisa had me do a guest interview on her Owning Her Health podcast here where we dive into the core desires of being a “mompreneur” (mom-slash-entrepreneur)—which, as we already discussed, is not birds chirping while babies nap peacefully for 3 hours while we conquer the world.  

So what will you do today?

What’s the one thing, one step, one chore, one errand you’ll complete today toward your goal?

Maybe it’s filing that business name. Maybe it’s signing up for Mind Body Brand Academy so you can learn from me and other successful female entrepreneurs who have broken the mold. Maybe it’s just shutting off the computer and going for a walk and allowing yourself to think, plot, plan, and dream big.

Click here for my guest interview on Owning Her Health podcast, in which Dr. Lisa asked me all the questions about all the ways I stay afloat as a mom and business owner.

Click here for more info on the Mind Body Brand Academy, offering you wisdom, live support, and group accountability with myself and many other women who’ve gone ahead of you and want to help bring you along.

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