State of Fit2B Address – The Next 5 Years of Fitness

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It’s October 31st, the last day of the month in which Fit2B celebrates the anniversary of opening our doors in 2010. Some are celebrating Halloween today while others celebrate Reformation Day or the harvest. Me, I’m praying our silent auction to benefit Mercy in Action goes well, and I’m pondering our first 5 years and just looking ahead to the next 5 years. If we’ve come this far, where will our members take us next? What do they need from us? What do they need from me?

I’m just a real mom, real wife, real farm girl, real fitness chick, real CEO … Maybe I should have a grand 10-year plan, but I don’t. My tiny team and I do have a lot of projects in the works for 2016 including a few more ecourses and lots more workouts, and we’re almost done with a huge project that’s taken us all year: A web app to better support our members. And that’s how I function, that’s where my energy is focused: The Members.

I could make all the plans, but what I want for Fit2B and what they want from Fit2B need to mesh. They want more support, more tummysafe workouts, more realness from me, more education about their cores and bodies… so that’s what I’m going to give them… That’s what I’m going to give you. If my cats will let me…

The pets of #fit2b always stage cameo appearances in our workouts. They don't want to be left out!
My cats always want to “help” me write if I try to work outside. They demand a petting tax before I can resume.

Like any website, we have our share of tech issues. The internet is still the wild west of business and commerce. What we’ve built has been done entirely from scratch with 37 plugins and multiple overhauls and updates. We’ve been ahead of the technology for a while, blending video streaming with subscription service with eshopping with blogging with forums. We pride ourselves in ethical, moral business dealings, and we aren’t in it to be rich… which means that we often feel like we’re trying to operate a reputable yoga retreat center between a saloon and a whorehouse here in the Wild Wild West. We aren’t immune to DOS attacks and hackers, and let’s not discuss the time that our host “misplaced” us for a few hours? Gah!

Our members are wonderfully patient, and maybe that’s because we always come back better. We always come back stronger. We always look for ways to improve. For example, we are also nearly done overhauling our Roku Channel to match our workout pathways; this process has taken months!

Beth of Fit2B, having fun on the film set of her new promo videos!
Stretching my legs between shoots on the set of our new promotional videos for some soon-to-be-released projects! Very exciting time to be a member of Fit2B since all the new features will be included at  no extra cost!

I can’t wait for 2016 because, between now and then, we are working super hard behind the scenes to roll out some new features and a new platform {all the same stuff in a mansion vs. a farmhouse} that will be so much more streamlined and sleek. As I said, we’ve been cobbling Fit2B together with parts and pieces because NOTHING EXISTED that could meet all our needs until now.

When Chris showed it to me, my mouth hung open, and there might have been drool. I’m not even kidding. And it should house us nicely for the next 3-5 years without need for further overhauls during that time. And I can’t wait to move in and get settled.

So if you’re on the fence about joining, now is the perfect time because our rates will be changing in January for all new members who join after that. All existing members will automatically get all the new features we’re adding, and you won’t have to pay a penny more; your accounts will proceed as they are but with MORE available to you.

What we’re providing is improving, but our overhead is increasing, so we will be raising our membership rates just a smidge {for new members only! current members will not be affected} after January 1st to cover those costs of added services which will include: web app support, bi-monthly live chats, quarterly mini-course access, leaderboards and gamification, more interaction with me and other members, and more! We’ve been building it out all year, and it’s going to rock your world and get you moving even more!

P.S. This post and all the daily posts recently are brought to you courtesy of the motivation behind the Blog Your Brand challenge I’m participating in. Would you believe I had 30+ blog posts in draft when this started? Every bit of the writing on Fit2B – except guest blogs – is done by yours truly, Beth Learn, and I do get writer’s block sometimes.

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Beth Learn, Founder of
Me and my two children at the pumpkin patch 2015. Happy Harvest. Happy Reformation Day. Happy Halloween.

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