Wordless Wednesday: Two Losses

 One of my relatives, Frank W. Buckles, was the last surviving veteran of WW1. He died last week at age 110. Then this week, my husband’s beloved work kitty passed onto the land of endless sand and catnip. No less young in cat years compared to people years, this picture of Marbles sitting on a warm forklift was taken just days before she passed. Both Marbles and Frank wore scars from many battles. Both were loyal to and loved by their people. Rest in Peace, both of you. We’ll miss you. Thanks for bringing our hearts and homes a great measure of peace, each in your own way.

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Two Losses

  1. James Milo says:

    It is always sad to lose someone but when you tell their story, it helps to remember how much they enriched your life.

  2. Fatin Khawarizmi says:

    The memories will never die, this person for sure left a 110 years memories to be remembered!
    Animals also got some special effect on us, personally still the memory of my beloved dog is passing through my eyes!

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