The ABC’s of Motherhood

It’s been a productive morning, but at a great price to my sanity. Getting it all done is not usually too important to me, but now that we’re half-way through our first year of homeschooling, and I’m not nearly half-done with the curriculum … well, it’s time to get it done. However, as I continued to work with my daughter and son on their ABC’s, I began hearing words in my head for motherhood. It starts out rather negative, but once I get that out, you can see the shift in my focus.

A- apologetic, so many mistakes to apologize for
B- batty, I’m going batty
C- crazy for trying this
D- desperate for some alone time
E- exceptionally talented kids
F- fried, my brains are fried
G- great, as in eight or late or plate and state
H- humbling
I- irritating, whose kids are these?
J- juggling, how many hats can I wear in one day?
K- Kreative
L- limited, it all revolves around what I can do with these urchins
M- Making the most of each moment
N- Needs naps, too!
O- Ostrich, some moms are ostriches. I am not. Sometimes I wish I could feign ignorance.
P- Perfect love casts out all fear
Q- Quintuplets, I could handle this better if there were five of me!
R- Ridiculous mess!
S- Strange the things I do to get a point across. Must I act like a tiger again today?
T- tumbling, agile, rolling on the floor with my littl’uns
U- Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!
V- Very, very what? Very unwilling to quit.
W- Which way is up? What day is it today? Why is my hairbrush in the toilet?
X- Exactly! I am exactly the mom my kids need. They are exactly the kids I need, too 🙂
Y- Yuck, I need a hazmat suit.
Z- Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … I told you I need a nap!

One thought on “The ABC’s of Motherhood

  1. Jamie says:

    I am hopping over from the HHH.I am so happy that I found your blog,WHY,BC I have been reading your post about our bodies and no more crunches.Funny thing is I was thinking of starting them tonight,to help my belly.I was 146 when I was prgenant(10 yrs ago)and then I gained alot during and bed rest plus I retained a lot of water.Still to this day I battle with my weight and I am trying to get pregnant again.I started ZUMBA,and I am working on a 45 minute to 25 minute every night .It is hard with homeschooling and the homestead.We are back to our family walks but is this enough to stay in shape and loose a little belly fat????
    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Please stop on over and visit.

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