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More Laundry Tips

More Laundry Tips Fit2B Studio - fit2b.com

I have quite a few BIRL videos about laundry because I do quite a bit of laundry. Yeah, no maids here. My kids are old enough to do their own, but there “ain’t no dirty like farm-dirt dirty.” Because laundry isn’t just one motion but rather several, and because it involves arm actions, carrying and […]

Sorting Laundry

Sorting Laundry Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

If you are in the early stages of restoring core function, then sorting your laundry in an upright position is critical. This may look like sorting on a table or hanging out in a deep squat if you can maintain a vertical torso. Being able to squat deeply with a vertical core takes some progressive […]

Beth In Real Life | In The Kitchen

Beth In Real Life In The Laundry Room Fit2B Studio - fit2b.com

This video is part of the original, profesionally-filmed BIRL series so it’s a little prettier than some of the others I later did with my iPhone. You see, I just can’t always wait for my film crew, and I don’t believe you always want to see me all snazzed up. So this is still me […]