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The Garden

Screen Shot of Beth Gardening - Fit2B.com

Working in the garden, like many activities, isn’t just a single manageable motion. It’s many actions all strung together and done repetitively, usually without a suitable warmup. It’s therefore no big shocker that gardening results in more injuries than football. Strategy is required to avoid injury (or worsen diastasis recti) while gardening, and being outdoors […]

Beth In Real Life | Stoking Fires

Beth In Real Life Stoking Fires Fit2B Studio - Fit2B.com

We life in a fixer-upper farm house with a wood stove as our primary source of heat. During our typically damp, cold Winters in the Pacific Northwest, I end up stoking our fire several times a day. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting my diastasis recti. You may have “missing link” in your […]