New: Shareable Story Images for Your Instagram

Instagram story shareable about January 2020 fitness & workout goals! - - Instagram story shareable about January 2020 fitness & workout goals! Save this image then post it to your IG story with your answers in the blanks! Be sure to tag us!

NEW: Shareables for your IG & FB Stories!

While I spend a lot of time sharing information about Diastasis Recti and home fitness, personally, I have always loved those cute images that let me copy and share a picture that has blanks for me to fill in, circles for “either/or” questions, and “get to know me” stuff.

So we are releasing a bunch of shareable image that’s presized for Instagram and Facebook stories. They’re easy to save and post to your story with your personalized answers. Our goal is to release one each month until we have 10-12 for you!

This or That - Shareable Instagram Fitness Image from

Here’s how it works:

  1. Save this image to the device you use to surf IG.
  2. Go to IG and click on your profile circle.
  3. Click on the circle at the top left that has a ‘plus’ sign.
  4. Open your image library and select our shareable that you saved.
  5. Circle your choices. Add a gif or text if you like!
  6. Be sure to tag us in the rectangle at the top – @fit2bstudio – so we can smile and do a happy dance!
  7. When it looks good to you, go ahead and share it to your story by clicking the profile circle at the bottom left.
  8. Note: it only remains up for 24 hours, so if you want to save your answers, take a screenshot with your phone.

These fun “get to know me” pics go over really well on Instagram, and they are a simple way to share Fit2B in a non-pressure way with your followers.

Here is a past image you could still use if you like, along with some examples of how it was used. Isn’t it great? What do you think we should do next? Leave a comment below!

IG Story for January -
Instagram story shareable - Erika's fitness and workout goals-
Instagram story shareable - Client goals -

We have a lot of ideas for other shareable IG story images to make for you this year. Each one will be a little different. Honestly, we’re on a steep learning curve with them, but that just means they’ll get better and better as we go.

These are already getting traction on Instagram stories. We hope you’ll do one sometime this month and tag us so we can see and be seen. This really helps more people find Fit2B and learn about TummySafe fitness.

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What’s your favorite kind of shareable image on Instagram? What would you like to see Fit2B make for you? If you’re on Instagram, and you already follow Fit2B on there, what’s the best thing we’ve put out – in your opinion? Scroll down and leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you!

P.S. You can screenshot any of these images or download them  to your device! In fact, we hope you do precisely that! Then share them on your FB or IG stories! Thank you for spreading the word about Fit2B and our work with Diastasis-aware fitness

This or That - Shareable Instagram Fitness Image from -
This or That - Shareable Instagram Fitness Image from -

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