How To Make Your Own Kettlebell Out Of A Bag

Silver Bells: Weight workout with a bag of items used in place of a kettlebell if you don't have one.

The simple DIY tips in this free video will teach you how to quickly create a kettlebell weight to use in your home workouts. During our Winter Conference, Beth demonstrated to Chris and our participants how people who don’t have kettle bells at home can make their own by knotting sturdy bags a certain way. Watch this short video to see!

The Silver workout Series list of all Fit2B workouts

What you need for a DIY Kettlebell

  1. A strong bag with handles – A canvas tote, a reusable shopping bag, anything with sturdy straps that can carry some weight.
  2. Items to put inside the bag – Rocks, cans of food, sealed water bottles, nothing with sharp edges, nothing that will leak, nothing valuable.
  3. The ability to tie a square knot – Right over left, then left over right. Your knot needs to be as sturdy and chunky as the bag itself.
  4. An adjustable mindset – You might decide to add or take away weight as you go. So don’t tie that knot super tight, and do be ready to make little changes as you get tired… or stronger 😉

You don’t need to buy anything to start working out at home and streaming our exercise videos. An actual kettlebell is handy BUT this baggy prop can also be used for our routines: Bag A Better Back and Bag A Better Booty.

How to make your own Kettlebell out of a bag

We provide hundreds of “TummySmart” workouts here on Fit2B for people who are dealing with Diastasis Recti and hernias. Our workouts are also knee-friendly, spoonie-friendly, and family-friendly. This doesn’t mean we don’t work hard. This doesn’t mean we avoid challenges.

As you can see below, unlike other Diastasis-aware providers who often scare people out of advancing their fitness, we don’t shy away from planks and other advanced motions. Our goal is to help you make progress back to full function in your fitness by providing you with strategies and motivation to keep moving better right there in your own home. We have something for everyone, even kids, and our instructors always offer modifications and ideas for any equipment you might not have.

DIY: How to make your own homemade kettlebell out of a sturdy bag full of cans. Free video on

We’ve been providing professionally filmed home workout videos since 2010, and we have workouts for everyone – even kids! The images in this blog are from “Silver Bells” which is a kettlebell workout video we filmed during our January, 2021 Winter Conference. All six workouts we created that day are now available to our members. Learn more about our affordable memberships here.

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Have you ever made your own fitness equipment at home? What’s your best DIY tip for people who don’t have “regular” fitness props and need to make their own? What do you think of our “Kettlebell Bag” after trying it for yourself?

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