Fit2B Fitness DVDs NOW Released on Amazon: Fit2B Firm and Fit2B Beginnings


Are you ready for some DVDs and not just online workouts from Fit2B Studio? Our first release “Fit2B Firm” has 4 of our best, most popular and FUN total body workout routines! Our second release “Fit2B Beginning” has 6 of our most basic routines including 4 of our foundational videos, plus the Transitions routine and Restorative Poses! They’re both live on Amazon now!!!

Premier online fitness website,, release first of many wholesome family friendly fitness dvds

 See the demo video below!!

With this work of love finally making it onto Amazon – after endless edits and far too many mind-changes on my part re: colors, images, which workouts to use, which workout comes first, yes, I think I made my business partner cry once – we want to tell you what’s on them! 

The Four TummySafe Titles on the”Fit2B Firm” DVD and their descriptions are as follows:

Align It Flat – Length: 18 minutes – Difficulty level: Easy  – What does the position of your ribs have to do with how far out your belly protrudes? How does the way you sit keep your core healthy or make you look flabby? Find out as you learn and practice these flowing alignment moves that blend into a great routine!

Love Handles Lost – Length: 26 minutes – Difficulty level: Medium –  Kiss your love-handles goodbye by performing this moderate intensity workout on a regular basis. Target the soft spots on your sides below your ribcage and above your hips (aka: obliques) while working surrounding muscles in your legs and arms as well!

Weighted Warriors – Length: 24 minutes – Difficulty level: Challenging – The Yoga Warrior poses are powerful enough all by themselves, but what if you hold hand-weights while flowing through these poses? Find out how to use weights in a safe but stimulating manner to greatly increase your warrior workout intensity during this challenging workout.

Kickboxing – Length: 23 minutes – Difficulty level: Challenging – This fun cardio workout will teach you the basics of kickboxing in typical “Fit2B Style.” Get your attitude, intensity and heart rate all elevated as you jab, jack and kick your way through 23 minutes of simple, no-nonsense cardio that could double as self-defense.

NOTE: The regular price of the DVDs is set at $24.95 while sale prices on Amazon might vary. All of the above routines contain ZERO situps, crunches and planks. They are safe for those who have begun healing their diastasis recti, encouraging proper alignment and breath-based recruitment of the transverse abdominus. 

Now, for more on the production journey of creating this workout DVD just in case anyone is interested…

As our membership grew, and the buzz about our unique, family-friendly brand of core-safe routines grew louder, people crawled out of the woodwork demanding hard copies of what we offer online. However, when we started filming home fitness workouts for Fit2B almost 5 years ago, it was about providing a non-DVD option, diminishing clutter, and going digital. So I have to confess that we scratched our heads for a while about our internet members who were clamoring for DVDs.

We had already tried doing DVD’s back in 2012 – burning them and labeling them at home and trucking them to the post ourselves – and trying all that again felt like we’d be going backwards with the world diving into digital. Our workouts are on the internet, instantly streamable through any mobile device, laptop, roku, chromecast, appleTV… Why not just access us like our members in 30+ countries worldwide do? We can only fit 4 workouts on each DVD and the cost to produce them and for Amazon to print them on demand is higher compared to getting access to ALL our workouts for just $10/month! Well…

  • It’s because someone wants a copy for her mom who has heard that our workouts are safe at any age, but said mom hates her computer… or
  • They had great internet when they joined, but then their provider went to pot… or
  • They moved to a rural area without good internet service… or
  • They heard about from a friend, but they don’t even own a computer or laptop, and they’re emailing from that friend’s house!
  • Our members WANT them and many non-members want them! And we want to give people what they want {within reason, of course}

Bottom line: One of our goals for 2014 was to begin producing fitness dvds. See a need, fill a need, right? And whadya know! Amazon now does print on demand DVDs, which means we were able to use create space. No more trips to the post office with squirrelly kids for me! Yay! has a DVD coming to Amazon! Are you on the notification list for the special sale day?
The first proof we ordered from Amazon. We decided to rearrange the workout order and fix a few errors that surfaced once we saw the completed project. We want it to be perfect!

The mission of Fit2B is to “Change The World, One Tummy At A Time.” This first of many fitness dvds we hope to release will further that mission, but we are so glad that we share a similar mission with so many amazing colleagues. We recognize that we can’t change the whole world’s perspective on core health and fitness by ourselves PLUS there are more than enough broken tummies to go around!

So many women, men and children need workouts that are safer for their knees and cores, and there are so few experts who are qualified and trained to provide that, especially online or via fitness dvds. I don’t need to hog them all, and I recognize that my style might not resonate with everyone. You can meet most of my favorite colleagues in our “Experts on Diastasis Recti” ecourse!

The 6 Titles on "Fit2B Basics" will include: Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha, Pelvic Floor Connections, Totally Transverse 1 & 2, Restorative Poses, and TummySafe Transitions.
The 6 Titles on “Fit2B Basics” will include: Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha, Pelvic Floor Connections, Totally Transverse 1 & 2, Restorative Poses, and TummySafe Transitions. Click the image to see it on Amazon!

So even as Fit2be launches our first fitness DVD workout set on Amazon, we will continue to recommend diastasis-aware fitness providers so that you have LOTS of resources for when you’re ready to switch gears, get physical therapy, hire an in person instructor who won’t undo the foundation you’ve laid… when you’re “fit to be” moving onward and upward. Because that’s our heart: To make you hungry for more motion, more connection, more provision for life’s daily demands. You are Fit2B.

11 thoughts on “Fit2B Fitness DVDs NOW Released on Amazon: Fit2B Firm and Fit2B Beginnings

  1. Christy The Simple Homemaker says:

    YES! Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you! We travel full-time with our seven kids for our Christian music mission, and we don’t always have internet access. This has kept me away. A DVD is THE ANSWER! Thank you!

  2. patty romack says:

    This is awesome, can’t wait! I’ve signed up twice to receive the email notification for when the dvd is released, but when I click enter, my info goes away and it doesn’t tell me it sent; I hope it’s ok.

  3. jreardon89 says:

    Hi can someone help me? lol im a new member and i got all excited about talking to other women doing this, members etc….I cant find anyone haha ive looked on the forums and there is only one group, which im waiting for acceptance in to, I cant see any active members anywhere. sorry am i looking in the right place? anyone?

  4. carrie says:

    Was so excited to try my new dvd today- got it in the mail yesterday! but I didn’t realize it was a DVD-R and it won’t play back on my dvd player!!!!
    do you have any of these available that are just regular dvd’s? Where my computer is at is too small a space to do any sort of workout.

    • Beth Learn says:

      @carrie – Oh dear! A few people have said that, and we think it’s an occasional error on Amazon. The one I got as my proof played on my DVD player. I’ve been telling people to get in touch with Amazon and request a new copy in DVD format. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. Mary says:

    I have also ordered the DVD from Amazon. I received it today (5/13) and it would not play. I can’t open it on my computer. I called Amazon and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. It is “luck of the draw” as to which format of DVD will be received. They are sending a replacement that I can try. They said they would replace it until I received one that plays on the DVD player!! Funny!! 🙂

    • Beth Learn says:

      Mary, It’s so random! You’d think they’d have more stability with their print on demand service! We tested it and it worked in all our family players. I hope you get one that works! We are giving them our “feedback” on this as well 😉

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