F.I.T. Rewards for Home Fitness Milestones

If you workout at an athletic club, as opposed to working out at home, sometimes the rewards are built into the gym’s system. Group fitness has the benefit of socializing and hiring a personal trainer offers more accountability and verbal affirmation than home workouts by yourself. So how can you reward yourself for reaching your home fitness goals without feeling like you’re patting yourself on the back and without focusing on food?

Losing weight is hard, and sometimes seeing the scale drop a pound just isn’t a big enough reward. We’re human. We like tangible treats, so it’s important to dangle a carrot in front of your face when attempting to fulfill fitness milestones. But carrots are boring and candy-bars are contraindicated, so think F.I.T.

F – Facial!!! I just discovered a local beauty college that offers hour-long facials for $15 … ! They have a lot of other services I’m eye-balling as well. Lose five pounds, get a facial. Exercise at home for five days a week for one month, get a massage. Click here for a Beauty School Finder, locate one in your area, print out their list of services and paste it on your kitchen window!

I – Issues, Intimacy & IKEA … No, not intimacy issues at Ikea (although that’s entirely possible with the arguments my hubby and I had while trying to assemble furniture we bought from them…) But seriously, so many idea for the letter “I”… Reward yourself for accomplishing your home fitness goals by purchasing an issue of your favorite magazine. Schedule an intimate outing with friends or buy some new intimate apparel. As far as IKEA, you know what a treat it can be take a whole day to shop there: drop the kids off in the Smalland and pick out a new bedspread, shelf, or decorative item 🙂

T – Travel!!! Plan to take a trip when you reach a bigger home fitness goal. It could be an exotic location like Ceiba Del Mar, near Cancun. I didn’t pull that out of my hat; I’ve actually been there and love it! If you need to stay local, then investigate attractions within an hour or two: beach, hotsprings, amazing museum, couples retreat…

The most important thing when rewarding yourself for attaining your home workout goals is to think outside the food box…. and don’t cheat. Please comment and tell me: what kind of rewards work for you?

3 thoughts on “F.I.T. Rewards for Home Fitness Milestones

  1. fatine khawarizmi says:

    I don't remember that i surpass my average weight, i am a so active person who moves a lot and burn calories without thinking of a special diet. It is great to be rewarded! but really i did not think that someday somebody will ask me this question which i find it a clever question!
    An exotic location will work for me very well 😉

  2. Melody says:

    What a brilliant idea…or set of ideas I should say! I know that setting a goal and making that goal known to a group has worked well foe me too. Like my recent 10K race which my Twitter friends sponsored me on. Thanks, Bethany!!

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