It’s Okay to Be Soft

Exercise used to be like breathing for me, meaning I worked out every day without having to really plan or think about it. That was before I had kids. I was the assistant manager of a fitness facility, and that job included personal training members at least once a day, teaching group fitness classes a couple times a day … Oh, and cleaning the equipment. 
Then I became a mom, and the picture above defines how I stay in shape. Did you know that new mothers spend 11 to 12 hours a day just feeding their newborns? We’re also supposed to take it easy for the first six weeks after giving birth because of hormones making us prone to injury. Just those two things make it really hard to get going again. Not to mention, finding childcare, because clubs kinda frown on using the Cry-It-Out method in their cardio rooms.
Joining the ranks of other work at home moms (wahms), I am now the assistant manager of my home, and – believe me – I still do a lot of “equipment” cleaning. However after five years of relying on a few daily toddler take-downs as my most strenuous form of exercise, well, my belly is just not the same as it was back when I taught 14 fitness classes a week. Here’s me leading a true home fitness workout with my sisters … and that’s my boy trying to copy us.
Filming for my online fitness studio is intense and I love those workouts, but we only film every couple of weeks. So I mostly workout at home now, only teaching a couple of classes outside the home. So, yes! I’m little irritated with the 10 extra pounds that still cling to my fanny after ejecting two children from the same general area, but my kids don’t need me to be a hard body right now. They need me to be healthy and strong … and soft.
Now, because I am so far from being vegan that we could build three hillbilly chandeliers from the racks my husband has in the garage, and because we’ll be eating a lot of turkey this holiday season, I’m trying to let all those thighs and breasts remind me to be thankful for my own thighs and breasts. Even if they aren’t the size I’d like them to be.
When my kids get older and I have a little more time to myself, then the house will be cleaner and I’ll be leaner. But for now life is about surviving soap in my shoes, cars in my salad spinner, endless episodes of Dora the Explorer, and trying to find fun, healthy activities for my kids. Sorry, but Team BeachBody will have to wait.

5 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Be Soft

  1. fatine khawarizmi says:

    I really appreciate all your saying, being a mom is not easy, i am wondering why they do not award moms on giving them Nobel price!!!

    You are wonderful!!!

  2. @toddweisscfa says:

    Looks like you little one is trying to do an extended pushup :-), needs a little more core strength for that… great post thanks for sharing.

  3. Melody says:

    OMG, I love this, Bethany!! ***Clapping a Standing Ovation***
    You mommas out there who are feeling the anxiety of a few pounds that just wont disappear, believe me, the time will fly and your needy little one will be stepping out into the world as young adults! It happens in a flash. This is my favorite line from your funny, endearing and wise post, Bethany: "the house will be cleaner and I'll be leaner". Well done!

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