Considerations for Pregnancy Exercise

Considerations For Pregnancy Exercise-

At least once a week, Bethany guest writes for other sites about birth, diastasis recti, pregnancy exercise, fitness, why you shouldn’t do crunches, and many other topics. Really, it’s more often that she gets to blog here! So we have put together a run-down of some of her recent blogs, with the first one being “3 Things to consider when exercising during pregnancy” over at the Bulk Herb Store Blog and read our Pregnancy Q&A

Bulk Herb Store's guest article by Bethany Learn about exercising during pregnancy
Bulk Herb Store Blog’s guest article by Bethany Learn about exercising during pregnancy… click image to read!

Okay, enough with the 3rd person… It’s just me, Bethany writing this blog, but I think of Fit2B as a team of people, not just me. When i say “we” please don’t think I have split personalities. I also say “we” when I teach group fitness classes, knowing I represent that whole club/gym not just myself in those moments… anyhoo…

Fit2B writes about the funny side of oil pulling
Click the image to read Bethany’s article at Hybrid Rasta Mama about her antics with swishing coconut oil

Another guest blog I wrote a while back was for Hybrid Rasta Mama about “The Funny Side of Oil Pulling.” Maybe it does’t have much to do with core health, but it has a lot to do with tooth fitness which concerns me since my daughter and I both have genetically uneven tooth enamel. But you wouldn’t believe the HILARIOUS stories that my members and I shared! You better have a strong pelvic floor to be able to laugh through it!

Another one I’m especially proud of is this one over at Whole New Mom – Lose Your Mummy Tummy–Diastasis Recti & Why Crunches are BAD for You

“Even if you have a diastasis recti, you can still do many safe moves to help reclaim your whole body after giving birth. Don’t wait to start moving!”

As the founder of Fit2B Studio, an online fitness site that specializes in diastasis-aware fitness, I have the usual disclaimers all over the place about consulting your doctor before beginning my exercise program. Those are mandatory, but over the past 3 years of doing specific research on the core cannister, and talking to physical therapists, alignment experts, and other fellow exercise scientists, I’ve unearthed 3 tidbits of movement wisdom that are crucial for the newest new mommy’s speedy recovery. These EASY activities will help you remaster your core strength after its marathon job of pregnancy and labor, and you can do all of them with your baby right there with you. – Bethany Learn

Beth Learn, founder of Fit2B, shares her article with Whole New Mom about 14 health tips for the New Year
Read Beth’s article atWhole New Mom about 14 health tips for the New Year

Last but not least, this article from earlier this year with my top 14 tips for improving your general health. Again, you must read the comments to see someone disagree with me about ditching crunches and planks and how I respond to her. I did much better at keeping up with the commenting on that article, but I get better notifications on that one… Adrienne from WNM is great to work with.

Considerations For Pregnancy Exercise-
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  1. Somanna says:

    This is by far the best! Honestly, do not buy any other pregnancy wruookt dvd. I’ve tried them all, this is the only one you’ll need! I LOVED doing this wruookt. That’s a big statement to make, but I did actually look forward to doing this! It was the only video I’ve done, including non pregnancy geared wruookts, that actually kept my full attention. I never got bored! It’s just the right length and the moves aren’t repetitive or boringly basic. I do not think it is quite as challenging as others made it out to be. After a couple of months doing this, I could make it through doing all the advanced moves barely breaking a sweat. It’s nice that she gives you options. This allows you to start off doing beginner’ moves and progress to the more challenging options. I always felt great after completing this wruookt. I look forward to being pregnant again and utilizing this from the very beginning! I highly recommend this, you won’t be dissapointed!

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