eCourse: 14 Days to Better Neck Posture

As you start putting your body back together with the safe, effective home fitness videos here on Fit2B, beginning with your core, you might find several areas calling for your attention. Most of my clients realize they need better neck posture which will in turn help their core.


You see, when your core isn’t functioning properly – or as I say, “It’s offline” – the neck, shoulders, pectorals, and upper back have to work beyond their designated function to stabilize you. Your neck {or your cervical spine} needs some extra love and attention since your head position greatly affects your entire alignment. And alignment – as you know – is the biggest key to unlocking a flatter, healthier core.

This is an excerpt from Lesson 12 in which I show you how to make and use your own neck bolster. All you need is a basic bath towel and a safe space to lie down. Instant Ahhhh….

DIY neck bolster made out of a bath towel for improving neck alignment

The idea {and obvious need} for this ecourse meant to help you toward better neck posture began  in our private member forums. It’s true: I get my best ideas from the members of Fit2B themselves! You see, they’re pretty good at knowing what they need, and I’m hopefully getting better and better and providing it. I love to research and meet those needs.

In the forum, all I did at first was post 14 days of mini-challenges with which members could comment and get help. After several months of hard work behind the scenes, it’s now a full-on elearning platform with 14 modules of amazing video, printouts, articles, images, and tools to help change your neck’s posture for good! All our eCourses are yours for life.

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