Where Do You Workout? Real Life Home Fitness Photos That Will Inspire You!

When a member of Fit2B’s diastasis-aware fitness video site posted this gorgeous photo and cute story in our private member forum on facebook, I decided to ask for more submissions of what home fitness really looks like for our core-focused members. The photos sent in are fun and raw, some neat, some messy… because that’s life, and if you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never move a muscle!
Where do you workout?

I decided to make a pinnable collage of the images sent to me, but they are also separated below so you can see them better and read  a snip of their stories. The take-away lesson, people, is that you can move anywhere anytime. Here at Fit2B, we do our best to make your fitness inspiration portable. We have relaxing routines, high-energy routines, tummy focused videos for those trying to heal diastasis recti, aerobics, tabata, kickboxing, weights, kettle bell, foam roller… and the list just keeps growing as we strive to meet the needs of members all over the world!

Real photos of home fitness all over the world | Fit2B Studio

I’ve captioned each photo with what each member said about their space. I love the variety and how each person uses what she has and makes the best of it. When temperatures are in the single-digits like they have been around here this week, or it’s pouring down rain, or temps are too hot to go outside for long, then some living room fitness can be just the exercise prescription that tight muscles need.

“Okay, this is a messy room. I post this because it’s a tiny room. When I exercise, I have to move all the chairs and put them up against the walls, throw all the toys, etc, in the corner under the desk, and many times have to re-position myself (when standing or laying down) in order to have the room to move around. I do not have the ability yet, to stream Fit2B onto my living room TV, where there would be a little bit more space. So this is all I’ve got. I do not have any fancy set up, no yoga mat, and barely enough room to move around without hitting something….yet I am still able to do Fit2B in this space! So for all of you who are also in tight spaces, you can still do this!” -Fit2B in Maine, A.M.W. … p.s. that’s a doll, not a kid )

“Here’s the setup I use. The ipad mini on my hubby’s trumpet stand.” -Fit2B in Florida, J.T.

This next one is using Roku to stream our content. Did you know we have a channel? Learn more about Fit2B on Roku here!

“My girls doing ABC Kids Workout. They love it!” -Fit2B in Oregon, V.C.
“It’s a cluttered picture but I wanted to share because my 6 year old DD joined me in doing Kelly Dean’s Floor video. One of many reasons why I love Fit2B. My kids never joined me with other videos. Always with Fit2B.” -Fit2B in Kentucky, L.M.


“Here’s my spot in all its messy glory, lol. Christmas gifts, bills, and all sorts of stuff stacked around.” -Fit2B in Missouri, M.W.


“Here’s a kitchen one!” -Fit2B in Russia, E.S.


“Thought i would throw this one in for some variety this is part of my back yard where I play most arvos with my son to burn some of his energy. I tend to practice some of my fit2b ‘moves’ whilst sittying on the drain cover (squeezes, stretches, sliders etc). We usually run around with the ball first and then he likes to play with the pegs that are as a result all over the ground.” -Fit2B in Australia, K.M.K.

Now, I saved the best workout space for last, because hasn’t every mother hoping to give her body some movement-love walked into her living room to this scene? Oh, how I remember those days… wait… I’m still in those days! Gah! Only mine are old enough to pick up their own messes, right? So… Kids, clean that up!

“So…something like this? lol” -Fit2B in Indiana, A.B.
Haha! Yes, something like that 🙂

Where Do You Workout? Real Life Home Fitness Photos That Will Inspire You! - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows busy moms are suddenly stuck in quarantine having to work from home and wondering, “Where I can find help to workout from home? What should a home workout look like? Are there ways to fit exercise in my schedule even if I homeschool?” Fit2B has experience as a trusted online workout resource for ten years helping women worldwide get the exercise they need while keeping their core safe from abdominal trauma like diastasis recti. #workoutfromhome #diastasisrecti #fit2b #quarantine

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