Surrounded With Support

I decided to snub soda for one of my resolutions this year. This is no small thing for me. Confession: pop has been a habitual part of my routine for years. I sucked on soda all afternoon while working full time prior to having kids. After having kids, I’d have a can during naptime. I’ve resolved and failed and resolved anew several times.

This year I set myself up to succeed! First I decided to blog about my resolution. Nothing like a wad of followers to hold you accountable, right? Then I started looking into online gadgets and widgets that would provide visual or social reminders of my goal. I’m online nearly everyday offering customer service to my members of Fit2B Studio. Seeing stuff like that little ticker will show me how far I’ve come.

Whatever resolution or goal you are determined to meet right now, it’s important to surround yourself with support. If you’re swearing off soda like me, well, I had to get serious and ask myself, “How will I pull away from pop? Who will support my snubbing of soda?” I hope that YOU will, and I hope you will let me help you with your other fitness and wellness goals. I may suck at not sucking down soda, but I’m a pretty decent trainer. Just watch this!

2 thoughts on “Surrounded With Support

  1. Rachel R. says:

    That is a great goal, Bethany! I keep reading all kinds of detrimental effects of caffeine/diet soda in particular. I can't go cold turkey, but I am trying to cut back. I have resolved not to purchase soda, so I will only drink it when out.

    Also, can you edit my link on the fitness bloghop? I think I had to post that before my giveaway post was up, so it's currently going to my homepage.

    The direct link to my giveaway is I'm giving away a RoadID Laser Engraved ID Band, ideal in case of emergency for runners or other people who exercise outside the home.

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