Swapping Out Soda

One of my New Years Resolutions is to give up drinking soda pop, cold Turkey. I’m on Day #3, people, and I might need be admitted. Just kidding. It’s not that bad. Okay, maybe. It’s just really hard to travel and keep resolutions.

Today, we’re traveling 550 miles back home after being with family in Montana all week, and my weak willpower in this area is being tested. I’m not a sugar junkie. I can’t stand candy bars, and I don’t over-eat. I just like soda, not the unleaded kind either. So I went with a Snapple at the last travel stop, and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Yes that’s my laptop in the background; I’m blogging about this to hold myself accountable.

It all boils down to habits. My habit has always been to order a soda when eating out, when traveling, for special occasions, to treat myself. But I needed something against which to flex my self-discipline. I’m doing a lot of swapping and discovering that there’s more in the fridge than pop. I just hope I don’t fill up on other empty calories while trying to stay away from soda! That would defeat the purpose!

11 thoughts on “Swapping Out Soda

  1. Living Hip says:

    My husband and I are quitting soda right now, for the 'zillionth time. It seems that every time we quit.. it only takes one long day of traveling or no access to coffee to get right back on it! Thankfully, it only hurts a little bit to quit. For me, cravings usually pass in two weeks.

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Melody says:

    Good for you Bethany!! Remember to keep drinking crisp-clean-empowering water. 🙂 I reuse a very pretty blue (large) Saratoga water bottle so the water then seems special. I'm proud of ya girl!

  3. @toddweisscfa says:

    Beth… firstly I love the reference to "pop" vs "soda" LOL… Also… I wish I could go to Montana for a holiday… but what is common to us is uncommon for others (Me living outside NYC)…. I hear you on our vices… tough to let them go for a while…. somehow I think you're gonna do just fine 🙂

  4. Bethany Learn says:

    I'm still reeling from "Living Hip"s comment about it taking two weeks! Ack! I want to find a counter to put up on my blog so I can feel more motivated by seeing how many days I have under my belt.

  5. June Stoyer @OrganicGuru says:

    Good for you, Bethany! See if you can now go the distance and opt for some ice cold organic tea or simply take some water and add a few frozen pieces of organic fruit to keep it chilled!

    Way to go to get things going for 2011!

  6. Dan says:

    I'm a soda addict, but a few months ago I cut my soda intake from five or six per day to one per day, and subbed in unsweetened iced tea. Lost 28 pounds in about two months. I still drink soda, but I just make sure it isn't my go-to all the time.

  7. Tracy says:

    My husband made it his new year's resolution LAST year to give up pop and coffee. Basically anything with carbonation or caffeine in it. And even though the year has been over for almost two weeks now, he STILL hasn't gone back to the "dark side". I'm so proud of him. 🙂

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